Turning Experience into Passion

Contributed by Brandi Hoffman

CULLMAN – Everyone these days seems to fancy themselves a photographer. Social media has made it easier than ever to share and lightly edit photos, but there is still no comparison to a real photographer’s work. While it may seem like an easy job, learning how to take an amazing portrait is an art form in itself. Brandi Hoffman, of Brandi Hoffman Photography, says she is here to help should you need a professional touch to your portraits.

After beginning her photography journey as a simple hobby, Hoffman quickly became enthralled, and began to learn more about the technical aspects of the craft.

“At first I just took it up as a hobby,” said Hoffman. “Then I set my mind to actually learning how to operate the systems and programs to manipulate and enhance the photos. I was determined to do it for a living at that point.”

It wasn’t long after realizing her passion that she decided to go for starting her own business.

She noted that her past years of experience have helped her tremendously.

“Before I started my own business I was always running other businesses,” Hoffman said.

“I was in the Army National Guard for 12 years and I was always a general manager or regional training manager for other businesses. I thought if I can run million dollar plus stores for other companies and teach others how to be successful, then why am I not doing this for myself?”

Combining her people skills and business knowledge has definitely paid off as she has created a wide client base that continues to grow.  According to Hoffman, she uses these skills in a variety of scenarios to meet customers’ needs.

“I do mainly portraits,” she said. “Candids are my favorite. My general focus is children, families, seniors, weddings, boudoir, engagement, maternity, gender reveals, photogenic and newborns. Although I have done pictures for advertisements and I also do a lot of events.”

For Hoffman, it is not the technical aspects of the job that she finds difficult; it’s the thought of missing a precious moment.

“The hardest part of my job is probably the fear of missing something,” Hoffman said.  “Missing something at a certain time during a wedding, missing a smile from a little one that may only happen once during the session, or just missing something during my time with my clients that cannot be recreated or only happens once.”

At the end of the day, it is all about being able to cultivate lifelong relationships with her clients that make the job rewarding for her.

“I love the relationships I have with my clients, the bond of having a family with me from when they are engaged all the way up to they have a baby and the baby grows up,” said Hoffman.

“It is all about the relationship and the story the picture tells. I am always growing and learning but at the same time I do put a lot of heart and love into every client’s session and encounter.”

Pricing starts at $45 and varies depending on the session. Weddings start at $600. Senior sessions start at $100.

Brandi Hoffman can be contacted at 256-962-3833 or by e-mail at b.hoffman46@yahoo.com.

More information can also be obtained at http://brandihoffman.fotomerchant.com and http://Facebook.com/BrandiHoffmanPhotography.