Better Job, Better Pay, Better Hurry!


Cullman Author Robin Cummings Shares His Knowledge in a New Book

CULLMAN – Robin Cummings, long time banker and esteemed member of the Cullman community, has recently written a book about important life lessons. His book, “Better Job, Better Pay, Better Hurry!”, was written with lots of humor, relatable stories and with great hopes that people will understand the reasons why they work are more important than where they work or what they do. Genuine and kind, Cummings shares the valuable knowledge he has learned from over the years in a light hearted and charming way.

“This is my first book and I wrote it to encourage routine employees seeking better jobs, happiness and more fulfilling careers,” Cummings smiled. “Many of these employees come from the same background as mine; one without the benefit of a silver spoon or college diploma. Today, these employees are forced to compete for the best jobs against a better educated and technology savvy workforce. Millions of employees capable of better jobs and promotions work in non-managerial jobs across America. Their only want is encouragement; their only need is fairness; and their only desire is opportunity.”

Cummings is a self-published author. At first he was reluctant to actually publish his writings but after a few revisions, he did it and now feels a great sense of satisfaction in what he has accomplished. 

“My only qualification for writing this book is the experience I've gained over my long career as President and CEO of the Peoples Bank of Alabama; a large community bank with 28 branches in North and North Central Alabama,” he mused. “I've served the bank and supervised its employees for the past 30 years and know better than most how to encourage and motivate employees with less than a college education to pursue their dreams of better jobs with better pay.”

It is Cummings’ dream that the book helps people who are truly looking to better themselves financially. He also hopes to help his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren better themselves through his efforts in writing the book.

“For years to come, these same employees will need timely advice as they face job stresses and family budget issues caused by new technologies in the workplace and the worst recession since the Great Depression,” Cummings explained. “This is a book about lessons learned from my life experiences and shared through stories that are not only intended to be funny, but insightful and useful for employees trying to connect the dots between regular jobs and rewarding careers.”

If you or someone you know would like to read a copy of Cummings’ book, “Better Job, Better Pay, Better Hurry!”, you can find it online at The book is available in both paperback and Kindle format and is guaranteed to make you chuckle as well as learn a few lessons along the way.  If you would like more information about Peoples Bank of Alabama, you can visit a location near you. Their website is located at

This story was originally published in the October 27, 2014 print issue of CullmanSense print edition