2014 Hanceville Bulldog Scramble Equals Another Huge Success for the School


HANCEVILLE – Hanceville High School’s 15th Annual Bulldog Scramble was held this past Friday at the Cullman Golf Course. The Bulldog Scramble is the school’s major technology department fundraiser. This year, 15 teams of four (60 golfers total) arrived bright and early to enjoy a round of golf, as well as support Hanceville High School.


At 7:55 a.m., a herd of golf carts were let loose, each driver set out to find the hole with which they would start the game. Then at promptly 8 a.m., the starting bell rang sending the Bulldog Scramble into full swing. Thankfully the rain held off, allowing a beautiful day to enjoy the picturesque scenery for which Cullman Golf Course is known.


This year there were three Corporate Sponsors, which included American Proteins, Merchants Bank and Faith Hammock, who donated $1,000 or more to the cause. Each received a beautiful plaque in appreciation of their contribution before the tournament began. Special thanks goes out to all who supported the school in the Bulldog Scramble, including the faculty and staff of Hanceville High School, Cullman Golf Course and all those that came out to play.   


The Bulldog Scramble was born after the need for additional funding was fully established. Bob Burgess, former Hanceville High School principal, explained, “Fifteen years ago, technology was expensive, a lot more expensive than it is now, and the State hadn’t figured that out yet,” he smiled. “So they would allot a little bit [of money] and we’d try to do as much with it as we could with what we had. We decided to do something about it ourselves.”


Over the years, the Bulldog Scramble has risen on average $10,000 to $15,000, and all of the money is used to purchase much needed technology for the school.  


“We have been real contentious about how we spent the money to supplement what the State has given us,” Burgess stated. “And folks like Bryan Kreps and Steve Almond who have used what we’ve already got very well. They really know what they’re doing and what we’ve needed. They have really used the money we have wisely by shopping around and getting the most they can with the money raised.”  


Former principal Bob Burgess and current principal Jimmy Collins admit the main reason for the Bulldog Scramble’s success each year is due to the hard work and dedication of the Hanceville’s awesome faculty.


“This is the first golf tournament I’ve been a part of,” said Collins. “The whole faculty has worked hard to organize everything. They have told me exactly what I need to do today,” he chuckled.


As a reward for all their hard work, the faculty, staff and students are rewarded with updated computers and technology for them to use each day.


“The overall winner is our technology department because all the money goes to that,” Collins stated proudly. “After all, that’s what it’s all about.”


Originally published in the June 2, 2014 issue of CullmanSense print edition