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    Veteran Memorial: Pfc. William Anthony “Shoo-Fly” Schaufler

    William Schaufler was born January 1, 1916 in Cullman. His parents were Albert and Loretta M. Schaufler. He earned the nickname “Shoo-Fly” while working...

    Veteran Memorial: Glenn Mason West 

    Glenn Mason West was born April 26, 1922 in Cullman County Alabama. In October 1943, at the age of 20, West enlisted in the...

    Veteran Memorial: Herman Newton Yates

    Herman Newton Yates was born March 12, 1924 in Cullman, County. His parents, Thomas Newton and Rosie C. Yates, resided at Route 8 in...

    Veteran Memorial: Milford Gay Wiggins

    Milford Gay Wiggins was born September 25, 1923 in Cullman County. His parents were Arnold Henry and Flossie Minerva Wiggins and they resided in...

    Veteran Memorial: PFC Aubury Elwyn Foust and PFC Wilson B. Foust

    Wilson Boyd Foust was born April 15, 1920 and Aubury Elwyn Foust was born May 19, 1924 in Blount County to Luther and Neoma...

    Veteran Memorial: Paul G. Absher

    Paul G. Absher was born March 7, 1921 in Cullman County. His parents were Isaac and Hattie Absher of Steppville (Hanceville). His father was...

    Veteran Memorial: Leon Nelson Harris

    Leon Nelson Harris  Leon Nelson Harris was born November 21, 1925 in Cullman County. His parents were Ele Nelson and Bertha Harris. Leon graduated with...

    Veteran Memorial: Drexel Fay Quattlebaum

    Drexel Fay Quattlebaum  Drexel Fay Quattlebaum was born April 28, 1925 in Cullman County. His parents were W. M. and Etta Mae (Thornton) Quattlebaum of...

    Veteran Memorial: Bertis Emry Green

    Bertis Emry Green  Bertis Emry Green was born May 14, 1917, to parents Jesse James and Mattie Estelle Green. They lived in the Etha community...

    Veteran Memorial: Wayne Brock and Quinton Edgar “Bill” Cheatwood

    Quinton Edgar “Bill” Cheatwood Quinton Edgar Cheatwood was born June 10, 1925 to parents Felton and Aurella Cheatwood in Cullman County. He was known to...