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    How to respond to product recalls

    AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Product recalls are unpredictable and can be a hazard to you or your family. Staying up to date on the...

    (Editorial) The Policies of Starting Over: The Final Policy

    There are few things that we are in constant opposition to than change. As I began this column, I envisioned something quite a bit...

    Editorial: The Policies of Starting Over – Forgiving Yourself

    I have never been able to see the forest from the trees. At 5’2, I have needed to stand on my toes to see...

    Editorial – The Policies of Starting Over: Continuing the Conversation

    Isn’t it funny how if you hear something repeated enough, it begins to sound like the truth? I am not referring to actual statements...

    The Policies of Starting Over – Putting your best foot forward

    When in the process of moving forward in life, do you ever find yourself gravitating toward what you ran from in the first place?...

    Editorial: The Policies of Starting Over – Patience

    It has been a few weeks since I last wrote anything for The Policies of Starting Over, and for this, I feel I owe...

    Editorial: ‘It’s just like this for now’

    I heard a phrase the other day that sat with me for a while before it really began to settle. “It’s just like this...

    Editorial: The policies of starting over – Asking for help

    When it comes to writing, I have always enjoyed getting things done. I love the feeling that comes when I have completed a piece...