PREP SPORTS: ‘Make memories and have fun’: Vinemont’s Callie Millwood talks Eagle years

Vinemont’s Callie Millwood. (Nick Griffin/The Cullman Tribune)

VINEMONT, Ala. — Vinemont senior cheerleader and softball player Callie Millwood had a lot of fun and made a lot of memories in her years competing for the Eagles and in this interview, she shared what she enjoyed most about that experience.

“I have just enjoyed growing up with my best friends, playing the sports I love with the people I love. It’s something I will cherish forever. I have loved every minute of being around my teammates that have become more like family my whole life. Inside and out of the hallways at Vinemont High School, the football games, softball fields, and basketball courts, we all have made memories together that I will forever hold in my heart,” Millwood said. “I have learned to just have fun. Don’t worry about how silly you look or what others think of you. Someone will always say something negative to say, no matter what it is. You can’t let the fear of what others think of you hold yourself back. You’re only in high school once. You don’t get to go back and change anything. Make the short time you have in high school enjoyable, and don’t let others take it away from you. Soak in every opportunity you have, make memories, and have fun.”

She soaked up as much as she could from three great coaches during her time as an Eagle.

“I have had two cheer coaches throughout my high school career. Shannon Bridges was the coach of the varsity cheer team my first two years of high school. I would have to say that she has a special place in my heart for cheer. She was more than dedicated to the sport and her team. Coming into high school my freshman year was a little scary, but looking back, that was my absolute most favorite year I have ever had, and I truly believe that it was Mrs. Bridges that made it so special. Madison Ballard was my coach my junior and senior year, and she is just as dedicated to the sport. I have enjoyed cheering at Vinemont, and I’m so glad to know that if I ever need anything, I can always count on both of them for anything.”

She added,

“I had one softball coach throughout high school: Samantha Whisenant. She cares for her players, and it’s something that I have always known about her. She’ll always be there for you. Even though our record hasn’t been the best for a while, I think I will miss softball most of all. Not only did they teach me the skills of cheer and softball, they have been amazing role models to me. For example, they showed me the appropriate way to act inside and outside of school. All three of my coaches have poured so much knowledge into me and talked to me about what it will take to be successful in the real world, outside of the classroom and athletics.”

She kept her answers short and sweet when talking about what she will miss the most about competing at Vinemont, her favorite high school memories, what made Vinemont a special place to go to school and what she will remember the most about going there.

“I’ll miss just being with my teammates. Win or lose, we always had fun and made the most of it,” she said. “My favorite high school memories would have to be all the pep rallies and Eagle walks we did on game days. Vinemont is a small school; therefore, you know just about everyone who goes there. Having such a good group of friends is really what motivated me to want to go there. I will remember all the amazing teachers and faculty who have helped me get to where I am today. They have shaped me to become the young lady I am today.”

Callie gave some advice to the students that will be starting high school in August and talked about a special role model in her life that she looks up to.

“Be involved in everything that you can. It will make school a lot more enjoyable and keep you motivated to want to be there. Take in every moment. Time really does fly,” she said. “My biggest role model was Mrs. Bridges. She always pushes you to do your best, whether it was in the classroom or in cheerleading. My advice to them is don’t let others influence your decision-making and be true to yourself. I always try to help others and tried my hardest in everything that I participated in.”

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