‘Everybody wants to be a cat’

Heirlooms Fine & Performing Arts held its inaugural performance over the weekend, performing at the Burrow Center for the Fine and Performing Arts at Wallace State Community College Friday and Saturday, June 28-29, 2024. Top row, left to right, are Anne Lunsford, Lillie Hogue and Emmy White. Bottom row, left to right, are Jaxon Dupree, Lorelai Johnston and Emmy Tinker. (Cheyenne Sharp)

Heirlooms Fine & Performing Arts performs Disney’s ‘The Aristocats KIDS’

HANCEVILLE, Ala. – For weeks, students of Heirlooms Fine & Performing Arts have been meticulously marking and rehearsing lines and choreography for their debut showcase of Disney’s “The Aristocats KIDS.” On Friday, June 28, and Saturday, June 29, the junior performers put on a show for family, friends and others at Wallace State’s Burrow Center for the Fine and Performing Arts. Both acts saw full houses and ovations throughout the lively musical numbers straight from the 1970 Disney classic “The Aristocats.” A handful of new songs was also added to the script.

The new score showcases the trials and perils of Duchess (Anne Lunsford) and her kittens, Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse (Lorelei Johnston, Emmy Tinker and Jaxon Dupree, respectively), who are stolen by Edgar, the greedy butler (Emmy White). The quartet of felines attempts to find their way home to Paris and back into the loving arms of their Madame (Lillie Hogue) with the help of a charming alley cat, Abraham DeLacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley (Addi Wood).

Each student in the company had a part in the production. Parts from set design to prop changes and marking throughout the performance were handled by theater novices and hopefuls.

Former Wallace State Lion and Dollywood performer turned owner and instructor of Heirlooms Fine & Performing Arts, Paige Clabo, shared a heartfelt thank you after her students completed the two-day performance.

“Seeing these children come to life on stage and learn the ins and outs of theater through ‘Aristocats KIDS’ has blessed me beyond measure. Theater can do so much for children – increase self-esteem, ability to connect with others, team building skills and the ability to imagine and be creative. I had the privilege of seeing all of these things happen these past two weeks. Thank you, Cullman, for supporting the fine arts and for showing up for this performance. Parents, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me time with your sweet babies. They really are the ones who pour into me,” said Clabo.

“Another big thank you to Wallace State Community College who educated me, sent me out into the world for experience and welcomed me back with open arms,” she continued. “Lastly, thank you to my amazing husband Wes Clabo who has supported me, been an amazing technical director for these children and put up with set pieces, fur from cat costumes and scripts left around our home constantly. I am incredibly blessed. See you again soon for another show!“

Below is a complete list of performers and their respective parts:

  • Duchess (Anne Lunsford)
  • Marie- Lorelei Johnston
  • Berlioz- Emmy Tinker
  • Toulouse- Jaxon Dupree
  • Scat Cat- Addison Southerland
  • Edgar- Emmy White
  • Madame- Lillie Hogue
  • Alley Cat Abraham DeLacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley- Addi Wood
  • Roquefort- Emmie Smith
  • Napoleon- Elvie Wood
  • Lafayette- Stella Sartin
  • Vichy- Ainsley Parris
  • Amelia- Emma Millican
  • Abigail- Avery Morris
  • Hep Cat- Amelia Hughes
  • Mad Cat- Arianna Lumley
  • Slick Cat- Kate Ingram
  • Wacky Cat- Emett Foster
  • Director- Paige Clabo
  • Assistant Director- Bailee Henderson
  • Music Director- Duke Cleghorn
  • Stage Manager- Vella Richter

Find out more about Heirlooms Fine & Performing Arts on Facebook or call 256-339-8876.

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