Letter to the editor: You’re invited!


Several years ago, working on a garden design project at the Governor’s Mansion (Montgomery), I discovered the FREE resources of the Library at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and the superb, longtime director, Hope Long. For garden design inspiration and “how to,” I return to the library and Ms. Long multiple times each year.


WHAT: Director Hope Long will share her favorite garden design books and resources in the Library of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Then, you will be guided on a special tour of inspiring design highlights in the gardens. You’ll want to plan time before or after to browse Leaf & Petal, in my experience, “the best garden design gift shop in Alabama.”

WHEN/WHERE: Friday, July 12 beginning at 1 p.m. in the Library of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens–2612 Lane Park Road, Birmingham, AL 35223–I would plan to be at the BBG at least two hours total

DRESS: Comfortable. The library and gift shop are air-conditioned but expect the design tour to be Alabama summertime warm-ish. Sunhats and parasols could be a good idea.

NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED–just show up. I coordinated with CCMG, Programs VP, Helen Dunn, before setting this date and will explore how this garden design day could count toward education/volunteer hours.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY & prospective CCMG members. This could be a useful and pleasurable event for those who care about church gardens, school gardens, community gardens, cemeteries, and civic gardening.

LUNCH SUGGESTIONS: The BBG is next to Mountain Brook Village where you can find a variety of eateries nearby. Since this is a Cullman County gardening focus, I can suggest two options: Moderate prices at Urban Cookout in Homewood, where I always choose a table under a smiling photo of Cullman farmer, Trent Boyd.. And, though a bit pricier, Cullman’s only James Beard Award-winning chef, Frank Stitt, serves lots of seasonal food– and my favorite, restaurant hamburger–at Chez Fonfon in Five Points South, a 12-minute drive from the BBG.