NERF wars!

Master Chief and Team Yellow gear up to take on Team Orange for the first round of Capture the Flag at Cullman Parks, Recreation & Sports Tourism NERF wars on Saturday, June 15, 2024. (Nick Griffin)

CULLMAN, Ala. – This past Saturday the Heritage Park soccer fields transformed into a chaotic battleground as the ultimate NERF wars commenced. Hundreds of colorful NERF darts littered the fields, echoing the chaotic joy that ensued. Families were decked out in their finest NERF gear, ready for action with their NERF blasters of choice locked and loaded.

The scene was even more fun as favorite characters made their appearances. Kids donned helmets from legendary heroes like Master Chief, the Mandalorian and Stormtroopers. There was also a guest appearance by the beloved Pikachu – portrayed by a dad wielding one of the best NERF blasters of the day.  

The Cullman Parks, Recreation & Sports Tourism crew ensured a smooth start, efficiently organizing teams and explaining the rules for various matches. Participants were provided with water and vests, ensuring everyone was prepared for the intense fun ahead. Capture the Flag set the rules for the first NERF battle, with the arena shaped by trademark NERF bunkers, barrels and other covers for players to hide behind.

As the NERF wars began, the fields erupted in a flurry of movement and dart fire. Kids and adults alike darted for cover, employing various strategies, for better or worse, as some kids chose to charge the line with their automatic NERF blasters, while others decided to stay in the background and provide artillery support by shooting their darts into the air with hopes that they would land on a target on the other side. “Fortnite Battle Pass” became the hilarious rallying cry for many of the kids, as it was shouted multiple times during the battles, much to the confusion of the parents.

One of the highlights of the day was the inevitable face-off between the parents and kids. The parents, armed with accurate shots and superior weaponry, showed no mercy, quickly outmatching the younger opponents.

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