First Source for Women ‘investing in the gift of life’

First Source for Women held its annual banquet fundraiser on April 4, 2024, at Loft 212, with comedian Gordon Douglas performing. (Cheyenne Sharp)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Local pregnancy resource center First Source for Women held its annual banquet fundraiser Thursday, April 4, at Loft 212.  

Executive Director Janet Davis and Board President Julia Rushing both spoke to the night’s attendees, sharing their own anecdotes and stories they’ve encountered throughout their time with First Source, highlighting the need for its services, and the impact those services and donations to First Source can make in the lives of others.

“God has blessed us; we saw 650 unique clients last year, which means they are all new. In addition to that, we saw all of those clients and our regular clients over 2,000 times in 2023,” Davis shared. “We gave away over 21,000 diapers; in addition to that we gave away cribs and car seats, clothes, just anything that a baby needs, we’ve been able to give away.”

First Source for Women also supports its clients in the form of its baby boutique, providing parents and caregivers “baby bucks” in return for completing various parenting and informational classes. The boutique is a place where new and expecting mothers can go to receive necessities for their children – resources, support, classes and the baby boutique are all available until children are 2 years old.

“The pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, while yes, they are giving medical information, they give us the chance to speak life into these girls. Not only do we provide these essential services and this opening of the door into hope, but we offer support all along the way,” Rushing said. “If a woman comes to us in the first few weeks of her pregnancy, we will walk with her along the way and support her and comfort her until her child is 2 years old. That is almost three years that she can take advantage of the friendship, support and education throughout her pregnancy and early family life. That’s what we provide to the community, that’s what you all are a part of.”

The event theme was “Invest in the gift of life,” encompassing the nonprofit’s mission of empowering and supporting women navigating the trepidatious waters of unplanned pregnancies. The center has two local offices and a mobile office that travels the county, assisting women in need.

Gordon Douglas, a Christian comedian, was the entertainment for the night, cracking jokes and telling tall tales to illicit laughs; toward the end of his program, Douglas spoke about the purpose of the banquet, to raise funds for First Source to continue its outreach and ministry.

“I want you to feel like you are a part of this ministry, that you are part of saving lives and that you are investing in the gift of life – that you can celebrate when you hear that somebody chose their mind, that somebody chose to keep their baby, that somebody chose to adopt,” Douglas said.

The evening closed with a plea from First Source to donate to its ministry. Those who wish to donated can do so at or by contacting the office at 256-352-5683.

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