North Alabama Dive Center hosting Fish Identification Class

The North Alabama Dive Center will be hosting a Fish Identification class on March 8th at 5:30 p.m. located at 1704 2nd Ave SW Cullman, AL 35055. (North Alabama Dive Center)

CULLMAN, Ala. — Are you interested in life beneath the waves? The North Alabama Dive Center is offering an exciting opportunity for marine life enthusiasts with its upcoming Fish Identification class on March 8. This unique course is designed for anyone age six and up who harbors a curiosity for marine life, particularly the diverse and colorful reef fish found in the Caribbean, Indo-Pacific and Red Sea regions. Registration for the class is $100 per participant and no prior diver certification is required for this class.

Throughout the class, participants will delve into the fascinating realm of fish identification, learning to recognize various fish families through characteristics such as body and tail shapes, distinctive patterns and behaviors. This comprehensive approach not only enriches your understanding of marine biodiversity but also enhances your snorkeling and diving experiences, allowing you to identify the marine creatures you encounter confidently.

Upon completing the course, participants will be awarded the SSI Fish Identification specialty certification, a testament to their newfound knowledge and skills in marine observation.

The North Alabama Dive Center also offers seven other additional ecology classes, covering a wide range of topics from Shark Ecology to Marine Mammal Ecology. These courses provide a deeper dive into the ecological wonders of our oceans, offering insights into the lives of sea turtles, rays, corals and more.

For those inspired to take the plunge into scuba diving, the center invites you to sign up for a Try Scuba session, with the next Open Water class beginning April 20.

Don’t miss this chance to embark on an educational adventure into marine ecology. To register for the Fish Identification class or to learn more about the other courses and opportunities available, visit the North Alabama Dive Center at 1704 2nd AVE SW, Cullman, AL 35055, or call 256-708-1073. Stay updated on upcoming trips and classes by following North Alabama Dive Center on Facebook and Instagram.

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