Alabama USSSA set to hold umpire clinic in Vinemont Feb. 25

Staff Reports

VINEMONT, Ala. – Alabama USSSA Baseball is set to host an umpire clinic in Vinemont, inviting enthusiasts of baseball and softball to enhance their skills and potentially turn their passion into a rewarding year-long endeavor. The clinic will take place on Sunday, Feb. 25, from 2-5 p.m. at the Vinemont Sports Complex. The clinic will be catered to beginners and those with a deeper understanding of the game.

Participants are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early and to dress appropriately for the weather, as the clinic will span three hours.

Dee Black, the state director of USSSA, highlighted the increasing demand for umpires, stating, “The world is getting bigger. All 206 cities that play baseball with us have grown 16-20% in baseball. So yeah, there is a big demand.”

This surge in interest has led to the construction of additional fields and a heightened need for more well-trained umpires.

Black emphasized the importance of a genuine passion for baseball or softball in prospective officials, saying, “Love for the game. You have got to love the sport that you officiate. That’s how you get started in sports officiating, you start with the sport you love first.”

Black has made it part of his focus to train and enable participants to officiate in the sport they are passionate about first. This approach not only boosts confidence, but also cultivates a dedicated group of officials capable of supporting a variety of sports communities throughout the year.

Addressing potential attendees who might be hesitant, he said, “Come out and learn. There is no reason to be nervous about it. If you are willing to learn and be open-minded about it, we are willing to teach you to safely umpire and safely get you home in one piece.”

Black’s ultimate goal is for the knowledge imparted during the clinic and future officiating to be passed on, fostering a cycle of learning and passion for the game. “The real truth is, I hope they take what I teach them and teach that to somebody else, that’s really ultimately what I want,” he added, saying he hopes to ignite the same fervor in new officials that he has carried throughout his involvement in the game.

The clinic will take place at the Vinemont Sports Complex, located at 18293 U.S. Highway 31, Vinemont, AL 35058. For more information, contact Dee Black by call or text at 256-710-2388 or visit the Alabama USSSA Umpire Clinic Vinemont Facebook page.