Introducing ‘Cullman Today’ weekday news broadcast 

“Cullman Today” Anchor Katie Spicer reads a script in the filming studio. (Noah Galilee)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman Today, originally a popular Facebook page, has been relaunched as a news broadcast of the same name that will run weekday mornings at 7. “Cullman Today” will start viewers’ days with a quick rundown of local news, sports and weather forecast. 

News Editor Noah Galilee said that while a return to video format has been on his and Producer Dustin Isom’s minds since 2008, this launch was months in the making. According to Galilee, the hard work and late hours needed to make sure the show will run according to plan were worth it to see the first publicly published video broadcast on Monday morning, Jan. 15, 2024. 

By working in tandem with reporters from The Cullman Tribune, Galilee said, he hopes this endeavor will keep residents who may not have time to sit and read a full newspaper informed. 

“The Cullman Tribune is the main source of news and information for many in and around Cullman County and my hope is that ‘Cullman Today’ will continue to extend the news reach to those who may not be keen on reading multiple stories. Though I write, I absorb more through video and audio, so it holds my attention, which is a hard task to accomplish,” he explained. 

Galilee credited the professionalism of the program to Isom, saying, “Without his unlimited talent, this wouldn’t have gotten off the ground.” 

Galilee also gave credit to “Cullman Today” Anchor and local educator Katie Spicer. “She has been phenomenal from her first day and has picked up the flow with ease,” he said. “Katie has helped free up our reporters at The Tribune so that’s a win for all as it will only open more articles.” 

Spicer echoed Galilee’s gratitude, taking pride in being able to play a part in a new facet of local news. 

“I’m honored and excited to get to be a part of this new endeavor for The Cullman Tribune! It is the opportunity of a lifetime and I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with,” she grinned. “I encourage everyone to tune in to ‘Cullman Today’ for all your local news needs!” 

Galilee said the ability to bring a fresh aspect to authentic local news is something that can be rare to find in many communities, and said he is happy to bring that new outlook to Cullman. 

“We are just grateful to be able to bring real, authentic local news to our residents, because you don’t find that in many places these days. So don’t miss an episode as it streams Monday through Friday on Cullman Today and The Cullman Tribune!” he smiled. 

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