Town of South Vinemont set to create planning commission  

The South Vinemont Town Council held its first reading of a new proposed ordinance at its January meeting. (Cheyenne Sharp)

VINEMONT, Ala. – At its monthly meeting on Jan. 9, the South Vinemont Town Council had the first reading of a proposed new ordinance that would form a planning commission.   

“The whole thing about this is we want to plan how this town will look in five years, in 10 years,” said Councilman Chris Thompson. “It’s a growing town, everything is coming from Cullman, so we need pillars of the community to get involved.”  

The proposed ordinance reads: 


SECTION I. The Town Council of the Town of South Vinemont hereby established the Planning Commission of South Vinemont 


SECTION II. The Planning Commission shall consist of nine members consisting of the following: The Mayor or his designee, one of the Administrative Officials of the Town selected by the Mayor, a member of the Town Council selected by the Town Council and six members appointed by the Mayor who are residents of the Town of Vinemont. 

Section III. The term of office of the Planning Commission shall be as follows: The Mayor and the Administrative Official selected by the Mayor and the member of the Council shall have terms of office on the Planning Commission corresponding to his/her current election term of office on the Council. The six residents appointed by the Mayor shall each have a six-year term of office on the Planning Commission unless filling a vacancy as set forth in Article IV -Vacancies, as listed below. 

Section IV. Any vacancy among the Commission membership caused by death, resignation, or removal for cause shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment by the Mayor; except for Council Member whose unexpired term shall be filled by a selection by Council from among its remaining members. 

Section V. All members of the Planning Commission serve without actual compensation but may be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in connection with their official duties. The Mayor, Administrative Official, and Council Member receive no compensation for their work in the Planning Commission over and above the regular salaries of their respective municipal offices. 

Section VI. The Planning Commission shall elect a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman from among the six resident members. The Secretary for the Commission shall be the Town Clerk. The terms of office for the Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be for one year or until a successor is elected. Officers shall be eligible for re-election. 

Section VII. The Planning Commission shall create its own By-Laws to govern the meetings and actions of the Planning Commission and its members in accordance with State Law. 

Section VIII. The purpose of this Ordinances are hereby declare severable. In the event any portion of the Ordinance is declared or held invalid such invalidity shall not affect any other portion of the Ordinance. 


Section IX. The Planning Commission shall have all the power conferred upon it by Title 11-52-6, 11-52-7, and 11-52-8 of the Code of Alabama 1975 et. seq. and as amended and shall perform said duties within its jurisdictional limits in accordance with Title 11-52-1 et seq. Code of Alabama 1975 as amended.”  

The second and final reading of the proposed ordinance will take place at the next council meeting on Feb. 13, with the work session beginning at 5 p.m. and the meeting following at 6. Residents are invited to attend the meeting. 

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