Rushforth Family Care: New practice bringing holistic medical care to whole family

Dr. Tyler Rushforth (contributed)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Dr. Tyler Rushforth said he and his team of health care providers at Rushforth Family Care are committed to following a plan for each patient that focuses on whole-body health, not just physical ailments.

Utah-born Rushforth moved south to attend Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine in Dothan; he said he fell in love with Alabama in the process. To fulfill the obligations of a scholarship he received from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, he needed to find an underserved rural community to settle in and begin practicing. Rushforth and his wife searched northeast Alabama and selected Cullman.

“When I became a doctor, I really saw how in underserved areas people didn’t really know what medical condition they had or what medications they were taking,” he said. “That’s part of what I want to do with this practice, and as a physician – making sure my patients know why they’re on that medicine, what it will help with and try to find a medicine that will help with multiple issues so they don’t have to take 20 medicines every day.”

Osteopathic care can be described as something similar to chiropractic care, focusing on whole-body wellness instead of a traditional health care approach that may only treat aches, pains and current problems. Patients who visit Rushforth and his clinical staff can expect a hybrid experience – the check-ups, labs and medications and referrals will largely remain what is familiar to most patients, with the added bonus of a holistic approach to health care.

“As an osteopathic practitioner we have a few extra tools in our toolbox. Focusing on trying to help the body be more in alignment – it’s very similar to chiropractic in the way we treat range of motion problems, knee pain, back pain, neck pain, whatever the pain may be. Osteopathic medicine is also very focused on treating the body, mind, spirit and health – the whole body, not just, ‘Here’s a pill,’” he said. “Rushforth Family Care is focused on making people feel like they’re family; you may not be family, but we want you to feel like you can come to us and talk to us, especially about mental health issues and depression.”

Affiliated with Cullman Regional, Rushforth is able to begin seeing patients as young as birth, beginning their health care journeys with a holistic approach. Rushforth said his practice hopes to create and cultivate personal relationships with clients, “from birth to death,” caring for the entire family’s medical needs in one building.

Rushforth Family Care is located at 1935 Alabama Highway 157, Suite C and can be reached by phone at 256-297-3030. Find out more at

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