SPOTLIGHT: Food trucks of Cullman

Jeffrey Sullins, left, and Angela Sullins, right, smile in Angela’s signature green Fro’z trailer. (Cayla Grace Murphy)

The Street Kitchen

Jackson Chambers hands an order out the window of The Street Kitchen at a food truck rally. (Cayla Grace Murphy) 

Hannah Chambers is no stranger to working in a fast-paced kitchen. After working as a short-order cook at her aunt’s cafe for a few years, she and her husband Jackson decided to take the leap and open their truck in 2021. 

“Me and Jackson have been together since we were 14 and have always talked about owning our own business because we liked working together,” Chambers said, explaining that entrepreneurship is a family tradition for the both of them. 

“Both of our parents run their own businesses, and we liked that growing up.” she smiled. 

Chambers shared that a surprising walkout during a lunch rush at the cafe gave her the confidence boost she needed to take the food truck world by the horns. 

“If it wasn’t for my Aunt Michelle having faith that I could cover the kitchen at her cafe when someone quit during a lunch rush one day, I don’t know that I would have ever decided to cook for a living!” she laughed. 

The Street Kitchen is known locally for loaded fries piled high with toppings like melty cheese, Cajun-seasoned chicken and specialty sauces and juicy burgers and sandwiches. Chambers said the Barnyard Burger, a meaty bacon cheeseburger topped with a fried egg is a longtime crowd favorite. 

“Some people hesitate to order it because of the fried egg, but end up loving it!” she exclaimed. 

MENU MUST TRIES: Rajun Cajun Fries, Barnyard Burger

Fro’z Shaved Ice

Jeffrey Sullins, left, and Angela Sullins, right, smile in Angela’s signature green Fro’z trailer. (Cayla Grace Murphy) 

A shaved ice industry veteran, Angela Sullins has been at it since the age of 14 at a shop in Guntersville. After becoming disenchanted from making the drive seven days a week and being offered the chance to buy a trailer and bring the biz closer to home, it was a no-brainer. 

She and her husband Jeffrey Sullins bought the trailer in March 2021, and haven’t looked back since, becoming festival mainstays for those wanting a cool and refreshing treat in muggy Alabama weather. 

“This is our third year (in business),” Angela Sullins laughed, “and we try to get into everything!” 

As business picked up, the opportunity came to get a second trailer, which was perfect timing since the Sullinses had to turn down several events due to being booked up. Fro’z Shaved Ice now boasts two signature trucks, in fluorescent green and orange hues that can be spotted in even the most packed crowd. 

“The green one is hers, the orange one is mine!” laughed Jeffrey Sullins. 

Recently, a full-fledged storefront was added to the mix, which the Sullinses say has nearly doubled their flavor and concoction offerings in order to reach those who want something besides the typical rainbow or strawberry banana. 

“In the store, counting our concoctions, we have 87 flavors, but in the trailers, we have about half that,” explained Jeffrey Sullins, who said Fro’z also carries sugar-free options in both the trailers and storefront. 

MENU MUST TRIES: Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow

Carnival Cravings

A fresh funnel cake heavily dusted with powdered sugar (Cayla Grace Murphy) 

Boasting a menu full of county fair favorites like funnel cakes, corn dogs and fried Oreos, Carnival Cravings food truck truly lives up to its name, but got a surprising start. 

Owner Stacy Heatherly shared that the truck originally started as a mobile donut shop with creative combinations like vanilla cream and Fruity Pebbles, and even maple icing and bacon bits. The transition to carnival-style food came after many customers began requesting more sweet treats – and an increasingly frustrating battle to keep the donut dough just right in often hot and balmy temps.  

“It was very hard… everything was good in the winter, then when it started getting hot, they didn’t do well. We could never figure out how to get them right again!” she laughed. 

Avid food truck fans might notice that Carnival Cravings is often set up near another popular local truck, The Street Kitchen; “It’s because I’m her mother!” Heatherly laughed, sharing that after working with her daughter Hannah Chambers in The Street Kitchen, she decided to go for it herself. 

Heatherly said despite some challenges in the initial startup, business has been smooth sailing since sticking to fair and carnival cuisine. Heatherly posed that its success is not just because of the great product at a great price, but because many of the treats on the menu are typically only available during fair and carnival season. 

“People can only usually get some of this stuff maybe once or twice a year,” she explained. 

MENU MUST TRIES: Funnel Cake, Fried Oreos

Alabama Mud Coffee

Bo Johnson smiles in the window of the Alabama Mud Coffee trailer. (Cayla Grace Murphy)

Alabama Mud Coffee Owner Bo Johnson said the idea of a mobile coffee cart came after the wild success of its bagged coffee. Boasting signature flavors like Choccolocco Fudge and Swamp Mud, Alabama Mud Coffee quickly became a hit in artisanal markets around the South. 

“We started out with the bagged coffee and we got into about 35 retailers across the Southeast,” said Johnson, explaining that while he works closely with festivals and local schools and businesses, he’s a little preferential to his home base. 

“We really love doing it in Holly Pond, in our hometown,” he smiled. 

Johnson said the coffee is roasted weekly to maintain freshness, and their Swamp Mud blend, a dark earthy roast, is what they carry on the go. This darker roast lends to a richer flavored cold brew or iced latte that doesn’t taste too sweet. But, for those who do have a sweet tooth, Johnson recently added a much-requested item to the menu – frappes! 

Johnson said that hands down his favorite flavor combination so far is one he affectionately calls “Butter Mud.” 

“It’s a mixture of caramel, hazelnut and brown butter sauce,” Johnson smiled. “We’re the only ones who have anything like that!” 

MENU MUST TRIES: Butter Mud Frappe, Salted Caramel Cold Brew

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