Never too young to make a difference: meet Denna Chivers


Denna Grace Chivers / W.C. Mann

CULLMAN – There are lots of people who say they are animal lovers.  Then there are those who make an occasional contribution to the Humane Society.  Then there are those who adopt animals from the shelter, to give them a forever home.

THEN there’s Denna Grace Chivers.  Recently, she held her own personal fundraising yard sale to support the Cullman County Animal Shelter, and this wasn’t an isolated event.  She’s been doing things like this for more than two years, using her birthday and Christmas money to buy food, treats and toys for the animals at the shelter.  By the way, she’s 9 years old.

The Tribune caught up with Denna and her parents at the sale in front of Seventh Street Baptist Church, to find out more.

“She wanted to have this yard sale,” said proud mom Beth Ann Chivers, “and give all the money she makes to the animal shelter.  She just loves animals, and she’s been doing this for a while.  She has a really good heart.”

Denna is already on her way to an animal-based career, with her own menagerie at home: cows, dogs, cats, chickens and goats.  Even with her hands full, she’s ready for the next addition, saying, “I’m going to get another dog: a baby Dachshund, but I call it a weenie dog.”

Denna explained why she decided to have this sale.

“I just really love animals, and also I wanted to sell some of my stuff so I’ll have more room in the den.  I just thought that those poor animals can have some more food and water, and toys, and treats and stuff.”

She also had a little advice for fellow animal lovers.

“Some people don’t have pets.  So I would really like for some more people to have pets, to adopt them, because some animal shelters, they put the animals to rest, and I just don’t like that.  So I’d really like for more people to adopt animals.”

At 9 years of age, Denna already has career goals.  It should come as no surprise that she wants to be a veterinarian.

Beth Ann Chivers concluded, “She’s just a gift from God.  She’s our precious little girl.”

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