PREP BASKETBALL: Addison splits varsity matchups with Lynn

The Addison Bulldogs defeated Lynn 80-64 Thursday night. (Brandon Evans/The Cullman Tribune)

ADDISON, Ala. – Addison hosted the Lynn Bears for two varsity contests and came away with a split. The Lady Bears came away with a solid 58-22 victory over the youthful Lady Bulldogs while the Bulldog men came away with an impressive 80-64 victory over the Men from Lynn.

Lynn 58 – Addison 22 (Varsity Girls)

Coach Bailey Boland’s young Bulldogs are going to go through some growing pains this year as the roster consists of only 6 players and only one senior. They just need to gain valuable on-court experience and learn on the job. Lynn came out firing away, especially Kamri Tittle as she nailed three deep three-pointers to lead all scorers in the period with 9. Lynn jumped out quickly and early and led 17-4 at the end of the first period. Allie Stewart and Dereka Bryan also knocked down threes for the Lady Bears. Addison got their points from Gracie Roberts and Karson Wyatt who had 2 points each. Wyatt led all players with 3 boards in the period.

The second period was about the same as the first. Lynn pressured the ball and the Lady Bulldogs struggled to get it up the court. The on-ball pressure forced numerous Addison turnovers and Lynn won the period 18-4 to take a 35-8 lead at the half. Wyatt led Addison with three points and 3 rebounds in the period. Reese Osborne hit a free throw for Addison’s other point. Stewart led the Lady Bears with 5 points while Kohl Tittle and Joley Sims had 4 points apiece.

The third period was a little better for the young Bulldogs as they were only outscored 19-11 but Lynn still held a 54-19 lead going into the final frame. Roberts led Addison with 5 points while Osborne knocked down 3 out of 4 free throws for her points. Addison’s Ava Bartlett had 4 points and 2 steals in the period. Lady Bear Stewart put in 7 points while Ali Dutton hit two threes for her six points. Stewart led the Bears with 3 boards in the period.

The fourth period went by very fast as there was a running clock and Lynn won the period 4-3 to take the game 58-22. Wyatt scored 2 Addison points while Bartlett got the other one. Wyatt and Emma Cleghorn nabbed 2 rebounds apiece. Lynn’s Dutton and Bryan scored a basket each for the Lady Bears.

Addison Head Coach Bailey Boland,

“We have to use this game as a learning experience. I thought we regressed a little tonight with our effort and execution. We have to play smarter, focus more and quit making mental mistakes if we are going to improve and accomplish what I think we can this year.”

Unofficial stats

Addison was led in scoring by Wyatt with 8 points and 9 rebounds with 5 steals. Roberts had 7 points and 2 steals. Osborne had 4 points and 4 rebounds. Bartlett had 3 points, 6 rebounds and 2 steals. Cleghorn had 3 rebounds and 2 steals. Mattie Johnson had 4 rebounds and 2 steals.

Lynn was led in scoring by Stewart with 15 points and 5 boards. Kamri Tittle had 14 points and 3 boards. Dutton had 11 points and 7 rebounds. Kohl Tittle has 6 points and 5 boards. Bryan had 5 points and 3 boards. Joley Sims had 4 points and 6 rebounds.

Lynn moves to 3-0 while Addison drops to 0-4. Addison will travel to Falkville tomorrow night.

Addison 80 – Lynn 64 (Varsity Boys)

It’s early in the season but the boys’ game between Lynn and Addison has some serious early season implications, for the winner of this game would get a leg up on the Winston County Championship. These two teams on the floor tonight are the probable favorites for the county title. Addison came out and was relentless on defense. Multiple Lynn turnovers could be attributed to deflected passes and stifling pressure. It was probably the best that Addison’s defense has looked in the past few years. As good as Addison’s defense was their offense may have been just as good. The matchup everyone wanted to see was the battle of the big men, Addison’s Bradley “Big Foot” Willette versus Lynn’s Braylen “The Beast” Roberts. Both men are big physical specimens, and each has his own strengths. Willette may be harder to move inside while Roberts is a little quicker on his feet. This was going to be “Big Foot” Willette’s night.

The first period was ALL Addison. The Bulldogs jumped out 24-1 and thoroughly dominated the visiting Bears. Lynn didn’t score a basket in the entire first period. Their only points came on a Cale Tittle free throw. Jed “Wizard” Wilkins put in 10 points to include a close to half court buzzer beater three-pointer. When that shot went in, you knew it was going to be a good night for the Bulldogs. Willette had 4 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and a block in the first period. Hayden Holland was a force on the glass as he grabbed 4 big boards as well.

Lynn is too good a team to just lay down and you knew that they were going to come back strong, and they did. Lynn has some excellent three-point shooters, and it showed the rest of the game. Tittle scored Lynn’s first bucket, a three-pointer, at the 7:30 mark of the second period. The Bears went on a 13-2 run to cut the lead down to 12. Lynn stepped up their defensive pressure and it affected the Bulldogs. Addison got back on track as Wilkins started feeding Willette the ball down low. Wilkins got 4 assists in the period while Willette notched 8 points in the frame. Lynn actually outscored the hometown Bulldogs 24-17 to cut the huge lead down to 16. Addison led at the half 41-25. Bear Dylan Dunnigan had a heck of a period as he bombed two long three-pointers and had 10 big points in the second. Tittle also chipped in 7 to aid in the Bear comeback.

The second half was just as much fun as the first as it was a back-and-forth game. Lynn would cut into the lead and then Addison would go on a run of their own. Addison won the period 18-14 to extend their lead to 59-39. Willette picked up his 4th foul in the period and had to sit for most of the third. The Bulldogs picked up the slack and even without their big man in the middle, the Bulldogs outrebounded the Bears 9-5 in the third period. Kaden Dyson, Wilkins, Owen Pratt and Elijah Roberts also had multiple rebounds. Jacob McLamb stepped up with 2 big assists in the period. It was a total team effort. The surprise of the evening was Pratt. Pratt hadn’t scored in the previous two games but tonight he was on. Pratt nailed two deep threes from the home side corner and had a rebound putback for two more. Pratt’s 8 points led Addison in the pivotal third period. For Lynn, Dunigan was lights out again from three as he drained two more threes. Roberts responded with 5 points and 2 boards for the Bears.

The fourth period saw Addison jump out to a 20-point lead and the Bears fighting back. Lynn just couldn’t recover from the awful start that they had. Lynn won the period 25-21 but it wasn’t enough. Addison came away with a solid 80-64 victory. Willette laid to rest any doubt who was the best big man on the court tonight as he dominated the fourth. Willette had 10 points and 9 rebounds just in the fourth period. Pratt scored 4 more points to include another big three-pointer. Lynn was led by Cole Kelley had 8 points while Tittle, Dunigan, Christian Densmore had 3 each. Coby Sherer had 5 points for the Bears as well.

The rematch in Lynn later this season should be a fun affair as well but for tonight the Bulldogs proved to be the better team.

Addison Head Coach Scott Flynn,

“Huge win for us tonight. Our guys were really motivated and focused.  Lynn is a tremendous team, and they are going to have an excellent season this year but tonight it was all about us. Our defense was outstanding. We are a defense first ball team, and we know that even if our offensive shots aren’t falling our defense will keep us in the game. The whole team played great, but I want to point out Brad (Willette).  That kid is finally realizing his potential. He is playing like a big man and his maturity level has grown as well as his focus on the little things. Brad is coming into his own. Another kid is Owen (Pratt). Someone asked why he shot so much in the earlier games because they weren’t falling but I told them that he is a shooter and makes them in practice. Well tonight, those shots that wouldn’t fall in the previous games went in. Owen isn’t afraid to shoot, and he always plays great defense. Our bench guys really stepped up tonight putting in 19 points and grabbing 7 rebounds. Couldn’t be happier with this win but tomorrow night we have to do it all over again as we play Falkville in their building, and it is always tough there.”

Unofficial stats

Addison was led by Willette with 22 points, 16 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks. Wilkins had 22 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals. Pratt had 15 points and 3 boards. Roberts had 10 points and 10 rebounds. Jacob McLamb had 6 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. Dyson had 4 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists. Holland had 4 boards.

Lynn was led by Dunigan with 19 points and a board. Tittle had 14 points and 4 boards. Kelley had 8 points and 2 boards. Roberts had 8 points and 3 boards. Densmore had 3 points and 2 boards. Laythen Upton had 2 points and 7 rebounds. Sherer had 5 points. Jonathan Cole had 2 points. Luke Alexander had 2 rebounds.

Addison moves to 3-0 while Lynn falls to 1-1. Addison will travel to Falkville on Friday night.

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