St. Bernard Prep students unite in spiritual display with Living Balloon Rosary

(St. Bernard)

CULLMAN, Ala. – In a heartfelt demonstration of unity and faith, students at St. Bernard Preparatory School recently participated in a unique and inspiring event, the Living Balloon Rosary. Led by Sr. Therese Lopez, director of Campus Ministry, the school community gathered to form a giant rosary using vibrant, colorful balloons, symbolizing their shared devotion to prayer and reflection.

The Living Balloon Rosary, an initiative organized by the school’s Campus Ministry, brought together students, teachers, and parents in a powerful display of communal spirituality. Lopez, expressing her enthusiasm for the event, shared, “The Living Balloon Rosary is a distinctive and meaningful way for our school community to come together in prayer and reflection. It represents our shared faith and the bond that unites us as a community.”

During the event, participants joined together to pray the rosary, enhancing the experience with the visual representation of the rosary beads created by the colorful balloons. The event served as a poignant reminder of the importance of faith, unity and togetherness in the St. Bernard Prep community.

Lopez encouraged the entire school community to actively participate, stating, “This event provides a beautiful opportunity for our school and families to connect in a spiritual and communal way. I encourage you all to participate and share this experience with your children. It is a moment of reflection, devotion and unity that strengthens our bond as a school family.”

The Living Balloon Rosary not only highlighted the school’s commitment to spiritual growth, but also showcased the creativity and enthusiasm of St. Bernard Prep students. Through events like these, St. Bernard Prep continues to foster an environment of faith, learning and community, enriching the educational experience for all its students.