City of Cullman celebrating 150th anniversary with season of grand festivities


CULLMAN, Ala. –  The City of Cullman is eagerly gearing up to honor its 150th anniversary with a season of remarkable festivities set to unite the community in grand style. The celebration will kick off Thursday, Sept. 28, with the authentic annual Oktoberfest event, a vibrant tribute to the city’s rich German heritage. 

Mayor Woody Jacobs expressed his excitement, stating, “This 150th-anniversary celebration is a testament to Cullman’s deep-rooted history, vibrant culture and the enduring spirit of our community. We invite everyone to join us in this once-in-a-lifetime commemoration.” 

Cullman takes immense pride in its rich German culture through a series of captivating events. The celebration will commence with the spirited Cullman Oktoberfest, renowned for its lively atmosphere featuring world-class German music and entertainment, delectable cuisine and a wide selection of traditional German beverages. Oktoberfest will set the stage for an unforgettable anniversary celebration. Organizers have invested considerable effort in this year’s festival with a contemporary twist on beloved German traditions, ensuring their longevity for generations to come. 

The festivities continue with the extended Christkindlmarkt, now spanning five weeks and brimming with heightened excitement. The Cullman Christkindlmarkt promises to captivate visitors with enchanting holiday displays, unique gift-shopping experiences in traditional German-style wooden huts and the opportunity to savor authentic German cuisine, unlike anything the community has ever experienced. To enhance the festive atmosphere, the City will install an ice-skating rink and a carousel, evoking a genuine Christkindlmarkt experience. 

Nathan Anderson, executive director of Cullman Parks, Recreation & Sports Tourism, aptly summed up the occasion, stating, “This is a time for reflection on the past, appreciation of the present and anticipation of a promising future. These enriching experiences offer a comprehensive understanding of Cullman’s rich tapestry of traditions and culture, adding depth to our 150th-anniversary celebration.” 

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