PREP VOLLEYBALL: ‘You can always overcome tough challenges’: Fairview’s Ava Calvarese talks junior season

Fairview’s Ava Calvarese. (Courtesy of Ava Calvarese)

FAIRVIEW, Ala. – Last year’s volleyball season was another solid one for the Lady Aggies and junior Ava Calvarese recapped the year and talked about what she learned. Ava feels blessed to be playing alongside a great group of teammates.

“I think it went pretty good, considering all the challenges we had to overcome. I learned that the most important thing is to support your teammates and always be positive about any situation you are put in. I also learned how to become a leader and to always be supportive and positive,” Calvarese said. “It was amazing to play with such talented teammates and even when we don’t agree with something, we always work through our differences. She always had a powerful personality and attitude. What I learned from her is that you can always overcome tough challenges.”

Ava feels blessed to be playing for coach Katie Ball and has learned a lot from her so far. She has seen a lot of improvement in her game and plans to continue working on her skills in the offseason to get ready for next season.

“She is a great coach. She is dedicated to our team and always pushes us to do our best. I’ve learned to be confident and always give 100% effort, no matter what,” Calvarese said. “My game has improved immensely over the years from experience and putting in effort to be better. I will continue to help build up our team’s attitude, effort, and commitment as a whole and making sure we are to our full potential for my senior year.”

Ava has some goals set for herself and for the team. She thinks next season’s team will be one to watch.

“My individual goals are to be someone who my teammates look up to and to be more consistent with my actions on the court. My team goals are to have a good supportive mentality throughout the season and go farther than we’ve ever gone before,” she said. “What will make us special to watch is the intense and competitive energy of our team and our work ethic.”

Ava’s role model is a player that she currently plays with, and she shared some of the best advice she’s received.

“I have always looked up to Reagan Dunkin because she always gives her best effort, no matter what, and does what’s best for the team with the best attitude,” she said. “The best advice someone ever gave me was to leave everything else off the court and focus on the game.”

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