Cullman City Schools ranks No. 3 in state for 3rd-grade reading

Left to right are teachers Patti Britton, Lindsay Harris and Kim Dial. (Cullman City Schools)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman City Schools has brought home some of the highest reading scores in the state among third-grade students, ranking No. 3 in the state of Alabama for ACAP Reading across third grade.

Cullman City Schools third graders ranked behind only the Mountain Brook school system and Satsuma school system. Cullman City Schools second grade placed eighth in the state.

“I am very proud of our students and teachers for their hard work and dedication this year. The third-grade ACAP reading performance data showed that Cullman City was third in the state with 94% of students reading on grade level,” Elementary Curriculum Coordinator Emily Hines said. “This is a testament to our teachers’ continued high expectations for themselves and their students, and their commitment to our students, families and community.”

The creation of a systemwide Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) professional learning community has helped provide teachers with the opportunity to learn about the science of reading together, collaborate on implementation strategies and set expectations moving forward in the district. This collaborative approach ensures that teachers are equipped with the expertise to identify students’ reading deficiencies and implement effective strategies to help them succeed.  

“Congratulations to the students, teachers and the entire community of Cullman City for their outstanding achievement in the third-grade ACAP reading performance. It is evident that the hard work and dedication of everyone involved has paid off,” Cullman City Schools Superintendent Kyle Kallhoff said. “Furthermore, the support from parents and the broader community has been instrumental in the continued success of Cullman City. Their commitment to providing support for students and teachers plays a vital role in creating a conducive learning environment.”

Cullman City Schools aims to prioritize the best education possible by emphasizing collaboration and community support. Cullman City Schools has demonstrated a strong commitment to the academic growth and achievement of its students.

“Our incredible reading success, as highlighted on this year’s ACAP, was due to numerous factors. The teachers constantly collaborate to discuss opportunities for growth and improvement,” West Elementary School ARI Reading Specialist Lindsay J. Harris said. “We are committed to professional development in the science of reading, as well as best practices for phonics and comprehension instruction. The committed teachers utilize the Alabama Course of Study, in conjunction with our knowledge of the science of reading and best practices, to ensure all of our students master literacy skills.”