Cullman County Animal Control investigating cases of dog poisoning

“Location: Cullman County, Alabama; I saw this sign going home from the Vet Clinic today (2/22/23). It's posted on County Road 222 just past Trimble going west. PLEASE keep your dogs safe and don't let them wander loose!”(Patricia Anne/Cullman County Alabama Lost and Found Pets NEW GROUP/Facebook)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman County Animal Control Director Rodney Banister has confirmed that his department is currently investigating several cases of dog poisoning in the communities along County Road 222. Banister reported there are two confirmed cases of dog poisoning and one unconfirmed case. 

“We received a complaint mid-January,” Banister said. “We are currently working one cruelty investigation with two victims.” 

When asked about the possibility of these being intentional acts, Banister said, “This is currently under investigation; however, poisoning is illegal for any domesticated or wildlife animals.” 

According to Banister, intentional poisoning of an animal is an intentional act of cruelty, and it is a felony charge as stated in the Code of Alabama 13A-11-14.1. 

Signs warning pet owners about the issue have been put up in the affected communities. Banister clarified that the signs were put up by private residents and not by his department. 

Banister had some advice for pet owners in the area, stating, “Always keep your dogs confined to your property as required by the Code of Alabama 3-1-5.” 

The investigation into these cases of dog poisoning is ongoing, and Banister urged anyone with information to contact Cullman County Animal Control at 256-734-5448.