Secret Hat Society: CCPS teachers wear hats as reminder of educator versatility, dedication

Teachers at Cullman City Primary School wear their hats as part of the Teacher Secret Hat Society at the school. (Cullman City Schools)

CULLMAN, Ala. – It’s no secret that teachers wear several different hats at school, so to channel that metaphor into reality, Cullman City Primary School teacher Amanda Stidham has started a not-so-secret Teacher Secret Hat Society to do just that. 
Stidham credits a quote from the children’s movie “Robots” – “See a need, fill a need,” – as inspiration for her fun teacher hat club. Teachers can wear their hats — literally — on Tuesdays at CCPS as a way to bring a little extra joy to the school week. While pursuing her National Board Certification, Stidham said she was encouraged to look for a way to support her school in a creative way. From there, the Teacher Secret Hat Society was born. 
“Teachers at Cullman City Primary School and around the world wear so many hats,” she said. “Teachers go in the classroom with ‘invisible’ hats, including everything from nurse, engineer, friend, mechanic, artist, chef, plumber, referee, companion, photographer and more. It’s a new hat every day.” 
The teacher hat society is billed as a “tip of the hat” to all the amazing teachers in the system and beyond, and a way for educators to build one another up and have a bit of fun along the way. The society has become so popular, it’s even spread to other schools in the area. For any educators looking to get in on the fun, the “Teacher Secret Hat Society” can be found on Facebook.