‘We may never really know the lives that will be saved’

The Foundry Farm unveiling new chapel Jan. 22

The inside of the new chapel at The Foundry Farm (Joey Daly/The Foundry Farm)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Foundry Ministries, based in Bessemer, Alabama, is “where lives are reshaped by the hands of God, through Christ-centered programs and services.” Located outside of the city of Cullman near Holly Pond is The Foundry Farm, a refuge in a country setting for men overcoming addiction.    

Director of The Foundry Farm, Eddie Wilson, said permanently transformed lives through Christ-centered ministries is the vision behind The Foundry Ministries’ story and process. 

“The Foundry Ministries restores hope and rebuilds the lives of the addict through Christ-centered recovery,” Wilson said. “Our Foundry Farm life-change program is located in Cullman on 60 acres of serene and peaceful land where we have the capacity to serve 70 men seeking the tools necessary to battle addiction and other factors in their lives where they may need life-changing help.”  

Wilson said the site’s latest venture is The Foundry Farm Chapel.   

“This chapel came about through conversations that started over two years ago with some men from our Cullman community who were coming to the farm to lead a Bible study on Monday evenings,” he said. “It did not take long for us to realize that the location we had been using didn’t have the space necessary to accommodate everyone. This same space was where we also had church services on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. Having an adequate, large enough space was a critical need for us.” 

Wilson said idea for the chapel began with one of the men who was leading the Bible study. Stanley Dye is a member of Cullman First Baptist Church and has been a pastor for most of his life. 

“We needed a place that would be suitable for the capacity of the men in our program so we would not be so cramped,” said Wilson. “This conversation was started by Stanley Dye, who has played a major role in our program by being a mentor, volunteer, prayer warrior and friend of mine and the farm’s for over 10 years. His heart for the men coming to us to change their life is one that we are so grateful for. Stanley’s role in building this chapel includes everything from his vision in the design to reaching out to his friends, community partners, churches and other businesses to raise the funds, labor, materials, etc., to see it through to where we are today. It would not have been possible without Stanley and so many others coming together to make it happen.” 

Wilson said the new chapel is going to help the men in the program by providing a place that will serve as a multiuse facility.   

“The first is a chapel where their loved ones can come and visit while worshiping and praising God through song and the word of the gospel,” he said. “We get so excited to see the men in our program participating in chapel services with their children, spouses, moms, dads and other loved ones; for some, this may be the first time in this setting. The chapel will also allow us to hold life-changing classes and provide the ability to experience guest speakers with our other campuses as we all come together as one through technology and live-streaming capabilities. Having this space will open up so many new opportunities for the individuals in our care.” 

Wilson expressed his gratitude for the Cullman community, individuals, churches and businesses coming together to make the vision for the chapel come together and become a reality. 

“We may never really know the lives that will be saved and the families restored because so many came together and blessed the men and their loved ones with this amazing chapel,” Wilson said. “I would also like to add that if you are interested in serving or becoming a mentor or volunteer, go to our website and see how you, too, can make a difference in the lives of the men at The Foundry Farm. There are many different opportunities for you to choose from. From myself and our team at The Foundry Farm, we just want to say, ‘Thank you. You are making a difference.’” 

For more information, visit www.foundryministries.com. The unveiling of the new chapel will be Sunday, Jan 22, at 2 p.m.