Martin, Farley denied bail under Aniah’s Law

Parole denied for Nix

Tabatha Leal Martin and David Justin Farley (Cullman County Sheriff’s Office)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Newly inaugurated Cullman County District Attorney Champ Crocker on Tuesday requested bail be denied for Tabatha Leal Martin and David Justin Farley, under Aniah’s Law. The suspects are charged with first-degree robbery and second-degree unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance. 

Passed in the 2022 General Election, Aniah’s Law allows the denial of bail when a suspect is “charged with capital murder, murder, kidnapping in the first degree, rape in the first degree, sodomy in the first degree, sexual torture, domestic violence in the first degree, human trafficking in the first degree, burglary in the first degree, arson in the first degree, robbery in the first degree, terrorism when the specified offense is a Class A felony other than murder, and aggravated child abuse of a child under the age of six.”   

The law is named for Aniah Blanchard, a 19-year-old Alabama college student who was kidnapped and murdered in October 2019. Ibraheed Yazeed, who was arrested and charged with her murder, was out on bond at the time on charges of kidnapping and attempted murder when he allegedly kidnapped Blanchard at a gas station near Auburn. 

Until the law went into effect, the Alabama Constitution guaranteed bail for all defendants with the exception of those charged with capital crimes. 

“I want to thank the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office investigators who did a great job investigating this case and presenting the facts today at the hearing,” Crocker said. “I also want to thank our ADAs and staff who worked over the weekend to have this case ready today.” 

During the hearing, Crocker pointed out the suspects had previous charges with bond granted and were still out on that bond. He deemed them career criminals who were a danger to the community. 

Cullman County District Judge Rusty Turner denied bail and the suspects will be held without bond until their respective trials. 

On Wednesday, the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles denied parole for Mary Nix, who pleaded guilty to the murder of her child. The 3-month-old infant died in 2001, and Nix was found guilty in 2002. Crocker was on hand at the parole hearing to encourage the parole denial. 

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