Updated list of community storm shelters

Former Colony Councilman Sam Ashford unlocks the storm shelter behind Colony’s Town Hall in this Tribune File Photo.

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) has provided a list of available storm shelters for inclement weather. If you are not in a substantial structure, please go to a shelter. For the safety of shelter occupants, especially small children, please do not take pets to shelters unless one specifically notes that it is pet friendly.

List of shelters with occupancy

Town of Baileyton – three shelters (Operated by the Town of Baileyton)

  • 112 Fairview Road – 96-plus
  • 130 Cemetery Road – 86-plus
  • 600 Fire Station Road – 86-plus

Berlin VFD (Operated by the Berlin VFD)

  • 3581 U.S. Highway 278 E, Berlin (in the old VFD building behind the new building) – 40-plus

Bethsadia VFD (Operated by the Bethsadia VFD)

  • 454 County Road 804 – 86-plus

Brushy Pond Senior Center (Operated by the senior center)

  • 2729 County Road 143, Bremen – 48-plus 

Chapel Village/Jones Chapel (Always open)

74 County Road 1034 (just off U.S. Highway 278) – 96-plus 

Colony Senior Center (Operated by senior center)

  • 12980 Alabama Highway 91 S – 48-plus 

Town of Colony (Operated by Town of Colony)

  • 65 Byars Road (Adjacent to town hall) – 86-plus 

Crane Hill Senior Center (Operated by the Crane Hill VFD)

15140 County Road 222, Crane Hill (basement of Cullman County Sheriff’s Office Satellite Station) – 100 

Cullman Senior Center (Operated by the senior center)

  • 1539 Sportsman Lake Road – 89-plus 

City of Cullman – two shelters (Operated by the Cullman Police Department)

  • 1511 Sportsman Lake Road(across from Cullman County Fairgrounds) – 396-plus, kenneled small animals allowed 
  • Beech Center, 1803 Beech Ave. SE – 150-plus 

Town of Dodge City (Operated by the Town of Dodge City)

  • 130 Howard Cir. (town hall basement) – Unknown capacity

Dodge City VFD No. 2 (Operated by the Dodge City VFD)

  • 7150 County Road223 – 96-plus 

Fairview Housing Authority (Always open)

  • 96 Countryside Acres Road – 96-plus

Town of Garden City (Operated by the Town of Garden City)

  • 501 First Ave. SW (by Town Hall) – 396-plus 

City of Good Hope – three shelters (Operated by the City of Good Hope)

  • 134 Municipal Drive (city hall basement) – 75-plus
  • 301 Day Gap Road – 96-plus
  • 301 Municipal Drive (behind city hall) – 96-plus 

Gold Ridge VFD (Operated by the Gold Ridge VFD)

  • 5225 County Road 1545 – 96-plus 

City of Hanceville – three shelters (Operated by the Hanceville Police Department)

  • 202 Bangor Ave. (behind city hall) – 96-plus
  • 203 Michelle St. NW (CW Day Park) – 96-plus
  • 1407 Commercial St. (Steppville) 96-plus 

Hanceville Senior Center (Operated by the senior center)

  • 1500 Spruce St. SE (behind Senior Center) – 48-plus 

Town of Holly Pond (Operated by the Town of Holly Pond)

  • 60 Finley Road(Adjacent to town hall) – 86-plus

Logan VFD (Operated by the Logan VFD)

  • 4203 County Road818 Logan – 96-plus

Smith Lake Park (Operated by Cullman County Parks and Recreation)

  • 416 County Road385 (Behind Office) – 96-plus 

Stony Lonesome OHV Park (Operated by Cullman County Parks and Recreation)

  • 10075 Alabama Highway 69 S – two units – 144 

Town of South Vinemont (Operated by the VPVFD)

  • 60 Ridgeway St. (behind VPVFD No. 2) – 192 

Vinemont-Providence VFD No. 1 (Operated by the VPVFD)

  • 576 County Road 1355 – 192-plus

Walter VFD (Operated by the Walter VFD)

  • 32655 Alabama Highway 91, Cullman (Walter community, next to Dollar General) – 70

Town of West Point – two shelters (Operated by the Town of West Point)

  • 3990 County Road 1141 (next to town hall) – 96-plus
  • 11160 Alabama Highway 157 (behind WPVFD No. 1) – 96-plus 

The rules for the Cullman County EMA shelters are:

  • No pets. Only service animals for the disabled are allowed in the shelter.
  • No smoking. Smoking is not allowed inside the shelter.
  • No alcohol. Consumption of alcohol is not allowed in or around the shelter.
  • No drugs. Use of “recreational drugs” is not allowed in or around the shelter.
  • No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed in shelters.

These rules are strictly enforced for each of the shelters on the list. Other rules, specific to each shelter, may be in place and shall be followed.

Shelters will be opened during a tornado watch and/or a tornado warning. The shelters will be closed as soon as the danger has passed and the watch has been canceled by the National Weather Service or allowed to expire.

It is highly recommended that those seeking shelter in the city of Cullman use the community shelter on Sportsman Lake Road across from the Cullman County Fairgrounds or the basement at the Beech Center. One pod at the shelter on Sportsman Lake Road has been designated for owners with small pets who are in carriers.

Become familiar with the shelters located nearest your home. Monitor weather conditions and remain alert for sudden changes.

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