‘We’re one big family’: Cold Springs’ Kloe Light looking forward to upcoming softball season

Cold Springs Head Softball Coach Paige Adams (left) and Cold Springs’ Kloe Light (right). (Courtesy of Kloe Light)

BREMEN, Ala. — After taking a break from softball for two years, Kloe Light returned to play the game that she loves last season and was so happy to get back on the field. Her teammates and coaches were all smiles when they heard that she was returning to play softball her freshman year.

“Softball is where my heart is. Sitting there, watching the games go on, made me realize how much I loved and wanted to be on that field. It was the best decision that I ever made,” Light said. “I loved it. I love my coaches and teammates. It was a great year to get back into playing softball. I couldn’t have asked for a better season. I felt so welcomed and learned more last season than I ever have. Coach Paige Adams, Coach Bruce Parker, and coach Heath Parker have all inspired me to not only be a better player, but a better person. I know my teammates were excited and I sure was.”

Kloe played for some great coaches last year and has learned as much as she can from them so far.

“Coach Adams is so patient and she has taught me discipline. One thing she stands by is being a servant to God. She is such a great coach and has the biggest heart of any person,” Light said. “Coach Parker has always been one of my favorite teachers, so I was very excited to hear when I found out he was going to be one of my coaches. He never lets us give up and reminds us to keep our heads up, even during the bad games. He lets us have it sometimes, but it all paid off in the end with a great season. Coach Heath is definitely my favorite coach. He never fails to make us laugh after a rough practice or game and is always finding new ways to joke with us, laugh, and cut up with us.”

Kloe got a lot of help from last year’s seniors: Emma Black, Heidi Nichols, Maddie Pearl and Starla Fuller. She learned a lot about last season and was felt to play with a great group of players this past year.

“With last year being my first one at first base, Emma taught me a lot about positioning my feet and much more. Their attitudes on the field and how they handled different situations were very uplifting and they were all so helpful and inspirational,” she said. “I learned how to have a better, uplifting attitude and to have fun because this past season went by fast. We all learned a lot from each other. We grew from our mistakes and helped each other out to become better as individuals and as a team. We definitely all grew closer and we’re one big family.”

Cold Springs will have seven juniors and two seniors coming back this upcoming season, along with some young, talented players as well, and Kloe thinks that should definitely help this team out even more in 2023. A lot of the players are playing a lot of travel ball to help out their game even more.

“Next season is definitely going to be our season. Many of us played travel ball over the summer to better ourselves and I just know that we are going to come back better and stronger than ever. Cold Springs is definitely going places in softball. We improve so much after every practice and our coaches are putting in so much time and effort towards us. I just know it’s going to be great,” she said. “A lot of us are playing travel ball and it’s a great learning experience. We also take pitching, hitting, and fielding lessons during the offseason, so we are putting in the work even off the field. This is going to help us so much in the 2023 season with all the experience and talent that we are gaining.”

Kloe has learned so much from the upperclassmen so far and that will help her become an even better player next year.

“They’ve helped me out so much. Every little tip they give me or even what I overhear has stuck with me. They are always willing to help us grow while still growing themselves.”

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