‘Never let anything stop you from loving the game of softball’: Cold Springs’ Hope Speegle excited for upcoming season

Cold Springs’ Hope Speegle. (Courtesy of Hope Speegle)

BREMEN, Ala. — Last season was a solid one for the Cold Springs Lady Eagles as they finished 11-10 on the season under first-year head coach Paige Adams. Cold Springs sophomore Hope Speegle talked about last season and what she learned during the year.

“I think it went really well with the varsity having a new head coach. Coach Adams and Coach Bruce Parker was a blessing to our team for both varsity and JV. I learned that the girls will always have your back no matter what,” Speegle said. “Coach Adams is the sweetest and always has a servant’s heart. She will never give up on a player at all. She believes in all of us. Coach Parker will always be there for you and always has an open ear if you ever need any help. What I learned from coach Heath is never let anything stop you from loving the game of softball. He is the best coach ever. Seeing his smile in the dugout while we play or practice is the best thing ever. We all are so grateful for all of our coaches.”

Hope feels blessed to play with a great group of girls last season and learned a lot from seniors Maddie Pearl, Emma Black, Heidi Nichols, and Starla Fuller.

“It was the best season I have had so far. They not only teach me how to become a better player, but they all taught me to be a better person also and I’m so grateful for that. The upperclassmen were so supportive of all the teammates,” Speegle said. “Emma stayed strong for her team with her injury and continued pitching the rest of the season. She always taught me to keep my head up when I was frustrated. When I wasn’t on the field, she told me to be patient and work hard and I’d get my playing time.”

She added,

“Heidi was like a big sister to me. We always had each other’s backs, and we were always there for each other on and off the field. I look up to Heidi for sure because she is one of the toughest players I know. She always kept a smile on her face and was there for others no matter what was going on. Starla was the sweetest. She has a servant’s heart, for sure. You always see her helping other girls when they were upset with softball, school, or any inconvenience that was going on. Maddie has a big heart, and she will always have your back. The seniors were the best on and off the field. I was so lucky to be able to play with them.”

Cold Springs will have a lot of experience coming back this upcoming season and Hope believes that will help out this team in 2023. Most of the players has been playing a lot of travel ball and she believed that will definitely help them get even better this upcoming season.

“It will be great. So many of us are experienced and we are always ready to play,” she said. “Everybody has been working very hard. A lot of girls on the team play travel ball, so that’s really good. We also have a lot of girls that take hitting lessons and pitching lessons. It’s good that we are getting even better in the off-season.”

Hope talks about the goals for this upcoming season and the team’s expectations.

“I want to be a better teammate, to play better, and to work hard this season. We want to play really hard, stay positive, keep others up in the dugout, and be better people. We all want to win, and we want to work very hard,” she said. “We also want to win area and make it to regionals and make it as far as we can.”

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