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Flat Rock Church hosting quilt show July 31

Bertha Mae Waldrep poses with one of her 14 patriotic quilts. (Sara Gladney for The Cullman Tribune)

CRANE HILL, Ala. – Flat Rock Church on Sunday, July 31 will host a special quilt show, showcasing the work of 92-year-old Bertha Mae Waldrep of Crane Hill and others. The show will begin at 2 p.m. and feature 21 of Waldrep’s handmade treasures.  

Waldrep said she has been quilting as a hobby since she was 5 years old. She doesn’t know how many she’s done over the years but estimated the number to be well over 70 quilts.

Waldrep learned to quilt from her mother.

“When I’d get home from school, my mama- she didn’t say, ‘Go get your homework,’ she said, ‘Now go get your quilt squares,’” she remembered.

Many of Waldrep’s quilts have been given away to family. She said she makes quilts specially dedicated to each member of her family. She has several different patterns she’s created herself including a patriotic flag pattern, double wedding band and fan patterns. She’s also made separate Alabama and Auburn quilts for each of her sons.

Waldrep takes a lot of pride in her quilts. She does most with a sewing machine but has done several by hand. She estimated the time it takes her to make one is about 2-3 days.

Quilt show organizer Teresa Mauldin said, “She still gets up in the morning and goes to her sewing machine.”

In 2007, Flat Rock Church had its first quilt show featuring Waldrep’s quilts.

Said Mauldin, “We had a really good turnout, and she’s been quilting for sure these past two years with Covid going on, so I kept saying we really need to have another quilt show.”

A few other local quilters have confirmed they will be bringing their own handmade/antique quilts. Mauldin invited anyone with a special quilt to bring it out to the show where it can be displayed with a notecard listing its history and owner. The quilts will be hanging in the windows of the church so visitors can see both sides.

Waldrep said she doesn’t plan to sell her quilts at the show. “My kids wouldn’t like me selling them,” she smiled. But she is excited for the chance to show them off.

For more information, contact Mauldin at 256-347-2173. Flat Rock Church is located at 1670 County Road 933 in Crane Hill.

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