‘I hope to bring energy and positivity’: Maci Brown settling in with new team at Cold Springs

Cold Springs’ Maci Brown. (Ron Harris/Daily Mountain Eagle)

BREMEN, Ala. — Moving to a new school can be a difficult challenge for anyone but for junior Maci Brown, who moved from Cullman to Cold Springs back in February, has already started getting comfortable with her new teammates this summer. Maci will always remember the great times she had at Cullman and is looking forward to making even more memories at Cold Springs. Her teammates are happy to have her on the team and know she’ll bring a lot to this Lady Eagles squad.

“Everyone here has been very supportive and has accepted me as if I had always been here. Having lots of family in the Cold Springs area has also helped,” Brown said. “My teammates seemed to be excited to have me. It helps that I was friends with most of them already. I hope to bring energy and positivity to the team. Those two things alone can change any team. I will be handling the ball as well as shooting. I also try to find the open player. I personally love playing defense. I feel like defense has become a thing of the past, but I love it.”

Maci learned a lot during her time with the Lady Bearcats and thanked all the coaches there that helped her develop as a player and a person along the way.

“At Cullman, I grew and learned as not only a player, but as a person, all thanks to a great coaching staff,” Brown said. ” Every coach pushed each of us to be the best player we could be. Coach (Josh) Hembree pushed me beyond my expectations for myself and always encouraged me to be a better player. Coach Hartline, Coach Shelton, Coach Moss, and Coach Hayes were also big encouragers on both sides of the ball. They have all made me the player I am today.”

Maci hasn’t been playing for Coach Tammy West for very long, but she’s already been able to learn a lot from her new Head Coach

“It has been a great summer for us as a team. Coach West has been patient with me while I am learning how to read and work with my new team and learn how she runs things,” Brown said. “She and the whole team have been very encouraging, and she has high expectations. She has made summer play dates and practices fun and enjoyable. She pushes us to work hard and put in work on our own time so we can reach our potential.”

Maci has very high expectations for herself and her new team this season.

“We expect to be another one of Coach West’s successful teams. As each of us continue to put in work, we hope it will pay off during the season. Every game and practice is preparing us for the postseason. We all expect to make it to Birmingham, which is very doable.”

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