Hanceville Math Team state champions recognized at Wednesday Cullman County Board of Education meeting

Hanceville High School Math Team with City Council (Cullman Tribute file photo)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The State Championship winning Hanceville Math Team Cullman was recognized at the County Board of Education meeting last Wednesday. Members of the team include Luke Brown, Brady Cleek, Ivan Conway, Logan Lisle, Jessica Marshall, Dalton Pirkle and A.J. Stevens. Math Team sponsors are Katie Brewer, Phamie Brown and Dana Lisle.

Also recognized at the meeting was Kristi Barnette, the 2022 Air and Space Forces Association Tennessee Valley Chapter 335 Teacher of the Year.

The board approved the transfers of Wesley Black from the assistant principal to Probationary Principal at West Point High School (WPHS) and Shanda Garner from the assistant principal position at WPHS to Probationary Principal at Good Hope Primary School (GHPS).

The following resignations were accepted:

  • Daniel Clark – Child Development Center (CDC) – Behavior Support assistant
  • Keneiath S Campbell – Cold Springs High School (CSHS) – bookkeeper
  • Alice Dutton – Fairview Elementary School (FES) – teacher
  • April K Jochum – FES – Special Education teacher
  • Kelsey Butts Edge – Fairview High School (FHS) – Family & Consumer Science teacher
  • Taylor Jones – Fairview Middle School (FMS) – TEAMS Teacher/CCBOE employee
  • Kathryn Day – GHPS – aide
  • Marcella Creel – Holly Pond – K-8
  • Corinne Williams – Holly Pond – K-8 Speech Language pathologist
  • Brian McKenney – WPHS – maintenance/custodian
  • Amanda H Yearwood – WPHS – counselor

The following leaves of absence were accepted:

  • Sydney Shumaker Cold Springs Elementary School (CSES) – teacher
  • Richard T Dillashaw – maintenance
  • Kylee Brock – Parkside Elementary School (PES) – teacher

The following voluntary transfers were accepted, contingent upon state certifications:

  • Christy Campbell Brown – Hanceville Elementary School (HES) to Cold Springs Elementary School
  • Karen D McReath – CSES teacher to CSES teacher with Fine Arts
  • Sydney Shumaker – CSES temporary Pre-K lead to CSES Pre-K lead
  • Carolyn E Doss – CSHS TEAMS contract teacher to CSHS math teacher
  • Regina Hallmark – CDC Special Education TARP teacher to FES Special Education teacher
  • Kristy Smith Harris – FES Teacher to FES library media specialist
  • Brian Simmons – FHS Physical Education teacher to FHS Physical Education/Driver’s Education teacher
  • Denise Feldner – CATA Special Education teacher Fast Track for Industry to Special Education teacher/homebound
  • Tiffany Pope -Good Hope Middle School (GHMS) Social Science teacher to GHHS Social Science teacher
  • Jessica Clayton – GHHS Social Science teacher to GHMS Social Science teacher
  • Haleigh Harbison – Holly Pond Elementary School (HPES) to GHPS teacher
  • Keisha Wright – Hanceville High School (HHS) CNP worker to HHS CNP assistant manager
  • Taylor Powell – GHHS Special Education teacher to Harmony Special Education teacher
  • Joshua Coffey – child nutrition CNP maintenance to maintenance technician electrician
  • Jacy N Douglas – Parkside Middle School (PMS) English teacher to PMS Science teacher
  • Audra Knop – Parkside Temporary Pre-K Lead teacher to Parkside Pre-K lead teacher
  • Lauren Rainwater – WPES teacher to Parkside teacher
  • Shae Elrod – FES teacher to Systemwide EL teacher
  • Stephanie A Coffey – Parkside speech language pathologist to Welti/Parkside speech language pathologist
  • Hollie Gutierrez – CDC Pre-K Special Education teacher to Welti Pre-K Special Education teacher
  • Tara S Twilley – HHS CNP worker to Welti CNP worker
  • DeeAnna Key – HHS counselor to WPHS counselor

The following appointments were approved:

  • Jessica Bartlett – CDC Special Education teacher
  • Laura Cole – Cold Springs Pre-K Auxiliary teacher
  • Meghan Epperly – Cold Springs English teacher
  • Emily Johnson – Cold Springs Pre-K lead teacher
  • Kaytlyn Shadix – Cold Springs teacher
  • George Voce – Cold Springs Physical Education teacher
  • Amanda Bailey – FES teacher
  • Leigh Baughn – FES teacher
  • Tanya Douglas – FES Pre-K lead
  • Samantha Walker – FES teacher
  • Justin Balik – FHS English teacher
  • Tate Brown – FHS Math teacher
  • Jon Dumas – FHS Access teacher
  • Nina Moss – GHHS Secondary Special Education teacher
  • Phillip Nunnelley – GHHS Secondary Special Education teacher
  • Madalyn Wilbanks – GHHS English teacher
  • Jill Anderson – GHMS counselor
  • Katie Spicer – GHMS English teacher
  • Whitney Moody – GHPS Pre-K Auxiliary teacher
  • Jennifer Woodard – GHPS Primary Pre-K lead teacher
  • Ashley Belding – HHS Science teacher
  • Kathryn A Risner – HHS Secondary Special Education teacher
  • Jessica Vest – HHS CNP worker
  • Amy Freeman – Harmony Pre-K lead teacher
  • Julie Martin – Harmony Pre-K Auxiliary teacher
  • Madison Sharpe – Harmony Pre-K lead teacher
  • MaKenna Woodruff – Harmony Pre-K Auxiliary teacher
  • Jacqueline Black – Holly Pond Elementary teacher
  • Meghan Block – PMS English teacher
  • Kendra Dowski – Parkside Pre-K lead teacher
  • Sarah Finley – Parkside Pre-K Auxiliary teacher
  • Ashley J Harris – Parkside CNP worker
  • Abbey J Holcomb – Parkside Pre-K Auxiliary teacher
  • Meaghen Woodis – Parkside Elementary teacher
  • Kayla Boyd – VES Pre-K Lead teacher
  • Annette Olive Mills – VES part-time EL teacher
  • Sabrina R Gilbreath – VHS English teacher
  • Kaitlinn McKissack – VMS Secondary Special Education teacher
  • Kayla Drake – Welti Pre-K Auxiliary teacher
  • Anna Parker – Welti Pre-K Lead teacher
  • Chassidy Pennington – Welti Pre-K lead teacher

Michael Nelson was approved to be a substitute bus driver. Luke Gay was approved for summer maintenance work at Central Office and Callum Smith was approved for summer work at HPHS.

The next regular school board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 12 with the work session beginning at 3:30 p.m. and the meeting to follow. The Capital Planning Committee meeting will be on Tuesday, August 16 at 8:00 a.m. All meetings are held at the Central Office.

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