Files from yesteryear: From the files of 1950 and 1900


From the files of 1950:

Mesdames C.H. Gray, Vann Gibbs, George Burkart, T.Y. Steele and Mary Plunkett visited Mrs. Max Forbis in Huntsville.

Slim Lay and his band played at the Canteen dance on Friday night.

Mr. and Mrs. N.W. Self celebrated their Golden Anniversary on August 12.

From the files of 1900:

The weather this week is the warmest of the season.

E. Hauk is having a well drilled on his lot on First Avenue East.

Miss Pearl Petters of Birmingham is the guest of Mrs. P.B. Arnold.

Sweet potatoes are being shipped at the rate of 100 barrels a day.

S.M. Lovelady went to Cincinnati this week to buy goods for the J.H. Karter Company.

The old reliable “horseshoer,” W.P. Cooper, can be found at Charles Ruehl’s shop near Karter’s gin.

W.B. Spinks brought us the largest melon we have seen this season. He also grows good apples.

Marriage licenses have been issued to Wilburn A. Screws and Miss Nancy D. McCoy; James O. Johnson and Miss Emeline Hopkins and William M. Briscoe and Miss Prisie Rutledge.

Robert G. Owens and Mrs. Nancy A. Garrison were married on Sunday.

A.J. Giles is cutting lumber for the college at Joppa.

Miss Fannie Watts of Etha is attending music school at Holly Pond.

D.E. Young is postmaster at Jones Chapel.

The sixth annual session of the West Cullman Singing Convention was held at Bethlehem West on August 3, 4 and 5.

J.M. Wilks presided, L.B. Cornelius acted as secretary and L.A. Worley was made chairman.

Reverend G. W. Chandler is teaching a singing school at Good Hope.

Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Hanlin and family returned Thursday from a visit to their old home in Indiana.