CST places 2nd at ARPA State Championship

The Cullman Swim Team finished second at this year’s ARPA State Championships in Albertville. (courtesy of CST)

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – The Cullman Swim Team traveled to Sound Mountain Park in Albertville last weekend to compete at this year’s Alabama Recreation & Parks Association (ARPA) State Swimming Championships and CST put together another stellar performance to earn a second-place finish. Troy Mann and Georgia Dowdy were the top boys & girls individual finishers and Cullman posted 1550 total points as a team to earn second place at this year’s event.

Check below for individual CST Results:

TEAM SCORE: 1550 Total Points Scored- 2ND PLACE FINISH OVERALL  


Boys- Troy Mann: 60 Points  

Girls- Georgia Dowdy: 49 Points 


Charis Peek, head coach 

Anna Hilb, assistant coach 


Hank Crow- 2nd Place- 25y Back, 6th Place- 25y Free 

Abram Lackey-1st Place- 25y Free *NEW CST RECORD, 3rd Place- 25y Back 

100y Free Relay – 1st Place *NEW CST RECORD 1:41.64 

Hank Crow, James Hilb, Ezra Basch, Abram Lackey  


Griffin Berryhill- 2nd Place- 100y IM, 2nd Place-25y Fly, 1st Place- 25y Back 

Harris Crow- 1st Place- 25y Breast, 7th Place- 25y Fly, 8th Place, 100y IM 

Wood Miner- 11th Place- 25y Breast 

Free Relay – 6th Place- Luke Bonds, Harris Crow, Grant Berryhill, Griffin Berryhill 

9th Place- Wood Miner, Tucker Sinyard, Sawyer Hunt, Cross Miner –

Medley Relay – 2nd Place- Hank Crow, Harris Crow, Abram Lackey, Griffin Berryhill 


Georgia Dowdy- 2nd Place- 25y Fly, 2nd Place- 25y Back, 4th Place, 100y IM 

Catherine Hughes- 4th Place- 25y Breast 

Azlynn Florence- 5th Place- 25y Breast 

Oakley Turner- 6th Place- 25y Fly, 15th Place- 50y Free 

Free Relay– 3rd Place, Medley Relay– 2nd Place 

Harper Rodriguez, Azlynn Florence, Oakley Turner, Georgia Dowdy 

9-10 BOYS 

Briar Lackey- 9th Place- 100y IM, 10th Place 100y Free 

Tate Tysinger-5th Place- 50y Breast, 7th Place- 50y Back, 11th Place- 50y Fly 

Free Relay- 7th Place 

Tate Tysinger, Griffin Cole, Anikan Powell, Briar Lackey 

Medley Relay- 10th Place 

Griffin Cole, Tate Tysinger, Briar Lackey, Seth B Reese 

9-10 GIRLS 

Leah Hilb- 10th Place- 50y Back 

Edie Hudson- 5th Place- 50y Breast, 12th Place- 100y IM, 9th Place- 50y Fly 

Free Relay-7th Place, Medley Relay- 7th Place 

Elizabeth Hughes, Leah Hilb, Elizabeth Hunt, Edie Hudson 

11-12 BOYS 

Mason Fuller- 3rd Place- 50y Free, 5th Place- 100y IM, 6th Place- 50y Breast 

Charlie Long- 9th Place- 100y IM, 11th Place- 50y Fly, 12th Place- 100y Free 

Magnus Mann- 7th Place- 50y Breast, 10th Place- 50y Fly 

Camp Smith- 16th Place- 100y IM 

Free Relay- 4th Place, Medley Relay- 4th Place 

Magnus Mann, Charlie Long, Camp Smith, Mason Fuller 

11-12 GIRLS 

Ella Cupp- 3rd Place- 100y Free, 3rd Place- 50y Back, 10th Place- 50y Free 

Madeline Dowdy- 4th Place- 50y Fly, 3rd Place, 100y IM, 7th Place- 100y Free 

Mika Lackey- 7th Place-50y Breast, 6th Place-100y IM, 12th Place-100y Free 

Caitlin Long- 3rd Place-50y Free, 3rd Place- 50y Breast, 5th Place- 50y Fly 

Free Relay- 2nd Place, Medley Relay – 1st Place 

Ella Cupp, Madeline Dowdy, Mika Lackey, Caitlin Long 

13-14 BOYS 

Hilson Cole- 8th Place- 50y Fly, 13th Place- 100y IM 

Chase Duncan- 2nd Place- 50y Back, 7th Place- 50y Free, 9th Place- 100y IM 

Troy Mann- 1st Place- 50y Free, 1st Place- 50y Fly, 1st Place- 100y Free*NEW CST RECORD 

Rhett Tysinger- 10th Place- 50y Fly 

Free Relay- 1st Place *NEW CST RECORD 1:39.85, Medley Relay- 1st Place 

Hilson Cole, Chase Duncan, Troy Mann, Rhett Tysinger 

13-14 GIRLS 

Peyton Arnold- 14th Place- 50y Back 

Morgan Fuller- 7th Place-50y Back, 7th Place-100y IM, 8th Place-50y fly 

Medley Relay- 14th Place, Free Relay- 15th Place 

Peyton Arnold, Rebekah Hilb, Morgan Fuller, Frankie-Kate Kruger 

15-18 BOYS 

CJ Arnold- 4th Place- 50y Back, 12th Place- 100y Free 

Jonah Hilb- 6th Place- 50y Free, 8th Place- 100y Free, 4th Place- 50y Fly 

Jacob Hilb- 15th Place- 50y Breast, 9th Place- 50y Fly, 12th Place- 50y Back 

Brody Schaefer-10th Place- 50y Breast, 14th Place- 50y Back 

Free Relay- 4th Place 

CJ Arnold, Jacob Hilb, Jonah Hilb, Logan Holley 

Medley Relay- 4th Place 

CJ Arnold, Jacob Hilb, Jonah Hilb, Brody Schaefer 

15-18 GIRLS 

Ruby Hudson- 4th Place- 50y Breast, 3rd Place, 100y IM, 6th Place- 50y Fly *NEW CST RECORD 

Madelyn Long- 6th Place- 50y Back, 6th Place- 100y Free, 14th Place- 50y Fly 

Anna Page- 13th Place- 100y IM, 15th Place- 50y Fly 

Kelly Warren- 6th Place- 50y Breast, 10th Place- 100y IM 

Free Relay-3rd Place, Medley Relay- 3rd Place 

Madelyn Long, Kelly Warren, Anna Page, Ruby Hudson