From books to battalions: Spotlighting Good Hope’s military-bound Aiden Gonzalez

Aiden Gonzalez with his girlfriend Kayla Brunner (Photo from Aiden Gonzalez)

Aiden Gonzalez 

Aiden Gonzalez is a 2021 graduate of Good Hope High School and he will soon leave for the United States Navy. Aiden is new to Cullman County, having moved here recently from California, though even before the move, he had already decided to join the Navy.  

Aiden had an experience when he was a young boy that sparked his interest in being in the military. He explained, “It had to be when I was 7 or 8. I went to this day care and they had these military guys come in and I really, really liked this one guy. I thought he was so cool. I think he was in the Army. I remember giving him a piece of paper and asking for his autograph because I thought he was the coolest dude ever. I really wanted to go into the military after that.” 

When he got older and time for Aiden to choose which branch of the military, he met with a Navy recruiter that Aiden said, “My recruiter in California was just really nice and very open. We talked a lot and he convinced me to join the Navy and I really found it appealing.” Aiden hopes to be a part of the Navy’s Warrior Challenge Program.  

Aiden will leave July 20 for boot camp at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center near Chicago. Afterward, he will be headed to Jacksonville, Florida.  

Aiden thanked his parents. He said, “My dad, he’s helped me out a lot and supported me through all of this. He thinks this is a great idea. I also want to thank my mom and stepmom as well.” Aiden is the son of Richard (Joyce) Gonzalez and Charlotte Jordan.  

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