‘Best of Bama’

Goat Island Brewing named top brewery in state by Alabama Magazine

Goat Island’s Mike Mullaney, John Dean, Brad Glenn and Gary Teichmiller. (Photo courtesy of Mike Mullaney)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Goat Island Brewing has added another honor to its collection as it expands its brewing operation in south Cullman, being recognized as one of the “Best of Bama” by Alabama Magazine. A readers’ poll in the periodical, which describes itself as “the state’s luxury lifestyle magazine,” named Goat Island the state’s top brewery. 

The magazine called Goat Island “A ‘brewmance’ between a rocket scientist, geologist, insurance agent and cop was formed in 2015 when four friends decided ‘Life is too short to drink baaad beer.’ Of their nine flavors which range from a Pilsner to an IPA and a German Hefeweizen, six are available year-round with three additional seasonal brews.” 

Goat Island CEO Mike Mullaney told The Tribune, “We’re just honored that folks love our beer, and that we’re considered the best; very honored by that.” 

Getting bigger 

Goat Island recently began expanding its brew floor, adding new tanks that will take brewing capacity from 8,000 barrels per year to 15,000 barrels per year. 

Said Mullaney, “We’ve kind of hit our capacity at the existing level, and have to get some more tanks to grow. A good problem to have!” 

The current Goat Island facility has room for even more expansion in the future. 

The brewery also has its own canning line, added early last year, that can turn out up to 800 cases in a day, though Mullaney acknowledges that full production capacity equals “a hard day, though. Typically, we’ll do about 500, but they’re also doing brewing and other things at the same time.” 

The canning line usually runs two days per week. Labelling equipment allows the brewery to print its own can labels for small production runs when needed. Increased canning has allowed the brewery to market to more grocery and package stores. 

Goat Island’s line of beers are sold to on-site and off-site retailers statewide, which has allowed the company to reach into the Florida panhandle. 

For more on Goat Island Brewing, visit http://www.goatislandbrewing.com

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