STATE TRACK MEET: Edgeworth, Lemons post new state records in 3200-meter

Cold Springs’ Ethan Edgeworth (left) and Vinemont’s Ethan Lemons (right) each broke the 2A and 3A state records for the 3200-meter run Saturday morning. (Nick Griffin/The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Day two of this year’s 1A-3A AHSAA State Track Meet got underway at Oliver Woodard Stadium Saturday morning and after collecting a pair of gold medals yesterday, two local runners picked up two more Saturday morning along with two new state records. Both Vinemont’s Ethan Lemons and Cold Springs’ Ethan Edgeworth set new 3A and 2A state records on their way to wins in the 3200-meter run. Lemons posted a time of 9:29.11 to outpace the previous 3A state record of 9:43.93 and Edgeworth set a new 2A state record with a time of 9:42.27, besting the previous record time of 9:52.01.

Lemons and Edgeworth each earned gold medals in the 1600-meter Friday as well and there were a few other medals won by locals in Cullman. Addison’s Sunny Snoddy placed first in the 2A Javelin with a throw of 114-04 and Gracie Manley collected a silver medal in the discus throw with a 97-07. Cold Springs’ Cameron Nunn and Hunter Calvert each earned silver medals in the 2A High Jump and Pole Vault and Ragan Canter collected a bronze medal in the 2A Discus as well. The Lady Eagles’ 4×800 meter relay team also earned bronze after posting a time of 11:02.31. St. Bernard’s Madilyn Kerber picked up a bronze medal in the 2A 3200-meter with a time of 12:26.94 and both the Saints’ boys and girls 4×800-meter relay teams collected a bronze medal as well. Holly Pond’s Camilla Chambers earned a silver medal as well after posting a time of 11:51.87 in the 3A 3200-meter and Vinemont’s Emily Cheatwood got a silver medal of her own in the 3A Triple Jump.

Several local athletes earned medals in Gulf Shores over the weekend as well. Cullman’s Brodie Malcom brought home a bronze medal in the 6A Triple Jump after jumping 44-08.50 and a pair of Fairview standouts earned medals of their own. Kabri Redding earned gold in the 5A Discus after throwing 102-07 and Peyton Bailey finished with a bronze in both the 5A 1600 and 3200-meter.

AHSAA 4A-7A State Track Meet local results

Cullman High School

6A Boys 800-Meter Dash

13th – Adam Mangum: 2:00.83

24th – Harold Sheffield: 2:09.07

6A Boys 1600-Meter Run

12th – Adam Mangum: 4:31.85

15th – Troy Adkison: 4:33.21

16th – Nicholas Wood: 4:33.42

6A Boys 3200-Meter Run

11th – Nicholas Wood: 9:52.51

12th – Troy Adkison: 9:52.56

6A Girls Discus

6th – Tatum Nixon: 105-04

10th – Sarah Kate Dockery: 94-08

6A Boys High Jump

6th – Brodie Malcom: 6-02.00

18th – Brodie Malcom: 20-00.00

Boys Triple Jump

3rd – Brodie Malcom: 44-08.50

11th – Isaiah Jones: 42-02.00

16th – Jaden Kay: 40-01.75

Fairview High School

5A Girls 300-Meter Hurdles

18th – Allison Hill: 54.20

5A Boys 400-Meter Dash

18th – Eli Frost: 52.87

5A Boys 800-Meter Dash

8th – Alex England: 2:08.85

10th – Peyton Bailey: 2:10.16

5A Boys 1600-Meter Run

3rd – Peyton Bailey: 4:41.96

9th – Alex England: 10:53.85

5A Girls Discus

1st – Kabri Redding: 102-07

5A Girls High Jump

11th – Kabri Redding: 4-06.00

5A Boys Javelin

9th – Tyler Simmons: 139-06

5A Girls Long Jump

17th – Allison Hill: 13-11.75

West Point High School

5A Boys Discus

7th – Patrick Adcock: 119-00

Good Hope High School

4A Girls 1600-Meter Run

15th – Bijou Phillips: 6:00.34

4A Girls High Jump

8th – Peyton Caudle: 4-04.00

4A Boys High Jump

11th – Lawton Farr: 5-04.00

4A Girls Javelin

5th – Addie Stripling: 109-10

4A Girls Long Jump

7th – Bailey Keef: 15-05.00

4A Girls Triple Jump

16th – Peyton Caudle: 27-07.25

Hanceville High School

4A Boys 400-Meter Dash

17th – Ben Johnson: 53.49

20th – Ion Patrum: 54.03

4A Boys High Jump

15th – Evan Malcom: 5-02.00

AHSAA 1A-3A State Track Meet local results

Addison High School

2A Girls 300-Meter Hurdles

12th – Jasmine Daniel: 55.41

2A Boys 400-Meter Dash

12th – Tommy Lee Daniel: 54.92

2A Girls Discus

2nd – Gracie Manley: 97-07

2A Girls High Jump

4th – Jasmine Daniel: 4-10.00

9th – Sunny Snoddy: 4-06.00

2A Girls Javelin

1st – Sunny Snoddy: 114-04

2A Boys Javelin

8th – Mark Williams: 126-04

2A Girls Shot Put

8th – Sunny Snoddy: 28-02.75

2A Girls Triple Jump

18th – Brilyn Dover: 27-09.75

Cold Springs High School

2A Girls 100-Meter Hurdles

7th – Ella Dickerson: 19.26

2A Girls 300-Meter Hurdles

6th – Ella Dickerson: 53.36

8th – Reagan Parris: 53.56

2A Girls 800-Meter Dash

12th – Macie Huffstutler: 2:41.99

15th – Paizley Whitlow: 2:43.47

2A Boys 800-Meter Dash

12th – Ethan Edgeworth: 2:09.02

19th – Brody Belcher: 2:20.13

2A Girls 1600-Meter Run

6th – Reagan Parris: 5:49.63

15th – Macie Huffstutler: 6:07.57

2A Boys 1600-Meter Run

1st – Ethan Edgeworth: 4:31.18

9th – Jayden Allred: 4:55.12

2A Boys 3200-Meter Run

1st – Ethan Edgeworth: 9:42.27

4th – Jayden Allred: 10:30.44

9th – Josiah Walker: 11:16.88

2A Girls 3200-Meter Run

5th – Reagan Parris: 12:42.88

8th – Macie Huffstutler: 13:22.66

16th – Claire Huffstutler: 14:04.43

2A Girls Discus

3rd – Ragan Canter: 95-04

17th – Madison Bruer: 69-06

2A Boys Discus

7th – Zeke White: 112-07

22nd – Tristen Jewell: 90-00

2A Boys High Jump

2nd – Cameron Nunn: 6-00.00

2A Girls Javelin

8th – Toni West: 92-10

11th – Madison Bruer: 84-03

2A Boys Javelin

18th – Ryan Davis: 113-09

2A Girls Long Jump

14th – Ella Dickerson: 13-11.00

2A Boys Pole Vault

2nd – Hunter Calvert: 10-09.00

4th – Slade Johnson: 8-06.00

2A Girls Shot Put

5th – Ragan Canter: 29-02.75

6th – Shay Sellers: 28-10.50

15th – Ellenora Slussler: 26-01.25

2A Boys Shot Put

20th – Zeke White: 36-01.00

Saint Bernard Prep

2A Girls 300-Meter Hurdles

7th – Abbi McBride: 53.44

17th – Kathleen George: 57.25

19th – Charlie Roberson: 58.77

2A Boys 300-Meter Hurdles

5th – Nikolas Borths: 43.71

2A Girls 800-Meter Dash

9th – Madilyn Kerber: 2:38.17

20th – Mary Ella Cockerham: 2:51.08

23rd – Kathleen George: 2:56.02

2A Boys 800-Meter Dash

4th – Joseph Arriaga: 2:06.69

14th – Eli Loyd: 2:12.22

2A Girls 1600-Meter Run

5th – Madilyn Kerber: 5:42.01

22nd – Mary Ella Cockerham: 6:22.51

2A Boys 1600-Meter Run

8th – Joseph Arriaga: 4:54.72

11th – Eli Loyd: 5:02.10

2A Girls 3200-Meter Run

3rd – Madilyn Kerber: 12:26.94

15th – Mary Ella Cockerham: 14:00.79

2A Boys 3200-Meter Run

17th – Parker Guthery: 11:45.00

2A Girls Discus

4th – Toni Shuper: 86-02

7th – Claudia Fallin: 82-02

2A Boys Long Jump

8th – Nikolas Borths: 19-02.00

2A Boys Triple Jump

5th – Nikolas Borths: 39-11.00

13th – Nic Fallin: 37-05.50

Holly Pond High School

3A Boys 300-Meter Hurdles

17th – Levi Boatright: 46.42

3A Girls 800-Meter Dash

16th – Camilla Chambers: 2:46.95

18th – Blakely Baggett: 2:49.65

3A Boys 800-Meter Dash

19th – Travis Barnett: 2:14.03

3A Girls 1600-Meter Run

5th – Camilla Chambers: 5:30.11

14th – Blakely Baggett: 6:07.22

3A Boys 1600-Meter Run

17th – Christopher Putman: 4:57.76

3A Girls 3200-Meter Run

2nd – Camilla Chambers: 11:51.87

12th – Blakely Baggett: 13:21.15

3A Boys 3200-Meter Run

8th – Christopher Putman: 10:18.27

21st – Andrick Lindsey: 11:03.53

3A Boys Javelin

20th – Isaac Chambers: 117-05

Vinemont High School

3A Girls 100-Meter Hurdles

5th – Emily Cheatwood: 17.21

3A Girls 800-Meter Dash

8th – Kendall Harbison: 2:39.58

3A Boys 800-Meter Dash

10th – Ethan Lemons: 2:06.65

3A Girls 1600-Meter Run

13th – Kendall Harbison: 5:58.96

3A Boys 1600-Meter Run

1st – Ethan Lemons: 4:25.96

3A Girls 3200-Meter Run

11th – Kendall Harbison: 13:15.13

3A Boys 3200-Meter Run

1st – Ethan Lemons: 9:29.11

3A Girls Discus

13th – Maria Whatley: 79-00

3A Boys Discus

7th – Isaiah Young: 105-06

3A Boys Javelin

12th – Isaiah Young: 126-08

3A Girls Long Jump

7th – Emily Cheatwood: 15-08.00

3A Girls Shot Put

16th – Maria Whatley: 27-11.25

3A Boys Shot Put

7th – Isaiah Young: 42-10.25

3A Girls Triple Jump

2nd – Emily Cheatwood: 33-04.75

3A Boys Triple Jump

14th – Brody Speer: 35-05.00

16th – Logan Ford: 34-04.00

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