West Point High School presents “Shrek the Musical”

Live and livestreamed shows continue Saturday and Sunday

Shrek, Donkey and Fiona think of the lives they wish they could live. (W.C. Mann for The Cullman Tribune)

WEST POINT, Ala. – West Point High School Theatre returned to the stage Friday with its production of “Shrek the Musical,” which will run through Sunday, April 11.

 The Tony-winning Broadway show tells a familiar story for those who have seen the Dreamworks Animation mega-hit motion picture, but with a few interesting new twists and a musical score. The show is directed by WPHS teacher Jimmy Harbison and librarian Kim Harbison.

 Kim Harbison told The Tribune, “Our cast and crew consists of a very talented and diverse group of students, students who are involved in almost every other type of extracurricular activity at West Point. It is a blessing and a joy to work with such a wonderful group, and they are the reason we are part of this program. To see these students’ unique talents showcased while they do something they enjoy is quite an experience. 

Live or livestream

Public shows continue Saturday and Sunday in the WPHS auditorium, and are scheduled for:

Saturday, April 10 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Sunday, April 11 at 2 p.m.

 Each performance will also be livestreamed.

Tickets for both live performances and livestreams are available for purchase at https://www.onthestage.com/show/west-point-high-school/Shrek-the-musical-63850

Principal Cast

Shrek – Patrick Sapp, Gaige Roberson

Fiona and Ogre Fiona – Anna Hancock, Anna Armstrong

Donkey – Keaton Chappell, Lucas McAfee

Lord Farquaad – Ethan Helms, Brianna Wray

Dragon puppeteers – Lexi Livingston, LaShay Robbins

Fairy Tale Characters

Pinocchio – Gracie Rainwater, Hagen Loyd

Gingy – Jackson Mann

Big Bad Wolf – Josh Campbell

Three Little Pigs – Kenzie Cordes, Kortney Speegle, Kinsley Hunter, Ashlyn Shedd

Shoemaker’s Elf – Haley Bearden

Fairy Godmother – JoLee Long

Sugar Plum Fairy – Hallie Wheeler

Ugly Duckling – Marli Powell

Wicked Witch – Ms. Donna Rice

Mad Hatter – Jonathan Fell

Peter Pan – Alex Shaddix

Papa Bear – Keynan Baker, Ethan Yarbrough

Mama Bear – Timberly Shadix

Baby Bear – Alana Lynn, Carsyn Blankenship

Dwarf (Grumpy)/Pied Piper – Jacob Littrell

White Rabbit – Matthew Harbison

Little Red Riding Hood – Illora Goodwin


 Ensemble Characters

Thelonius – Kobe Bowers

Knights – Cade Simmons, Garit Roberson, Sam Wheeler, Gus McKenney, Will Cochran, Carter Thornton,

Austin Roggensack, Jacob Dye

Duloc Mascot – Jackson Mann

Bishop – Logan Selby

Duloc Dancers/Dancing Rats – Heidi Armstrong, Annalyse Cole, Marli Powell, Hallie Wheeler, Kortney

Speegle, Haley Bearden, Ashlyn Shedd, Timberly Shadix

Three Blind Mice – Illora Goodwin, Peyton Chamblee, Rylee Harbison

Young Fiona – Rylee Harbison

Teen Fiona – Peyton Chamblee

Young Shrek – Cole Chamblee, Bryce Harbison

Papa Ogre and Mama Ogre – Jimmy & Kim Harbison


Production Crew

Makeup – Rhyan Martin

Backstage crew – Kathryn Calvo, Jack Lee, Isabella Hernandez, Luke Hammond, Tariq Nemrouri, Mae

Hayes, LaShay Robbins, Kyler Knighten

Lighting and Sound – Andrew Lynn, Nathan Drauch

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W.C. Mann