Cullman Power Board ready to respond in case of outages

(Photo from Canva)
High-voltage power transmission towers , Power Lines Stock Photo

CULLMAN, Ala. – Those responsible for keeping the power on for the residents inside the city limits of Cullman have been preparing for possible outages connected with a strong storm system pushing its way through the region. 

Mike Manning, general manager of Cullman Power Board (CPB), said if there is an outage in the region to report it when it occurs so they are able to respond quickly. 

“CPB responds to service calls 24/7 by on-call personnel and added personnel as and when needed, in as much of a timely manner as possible,” said Manning. “In case of an outage, CPB customers should call 256-734-2343 to report the outage. During regular workday hours, personnel are available for rapid response to customer needs.” 

With the threat of severe thunderstorms and possibility of tornadoes, Manning referred back to the National Weather Service when it comes to CPB customers preparing for a possible outage. 

“The National Weather Service has stressed that, “all persons should be prepared in preparation for the approaching storm system and closely monitor all weather reports, watches and warnings,’” he said. 

The most important tip Manning offered was, “Do not go near or drive over downed power lines. Call CPB as quickly as possible to advise us of an outage or an unsafe condition.” 

To report an outage, CPB customers should call 256-734-2343. 

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