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Hot spot-equipped buses aid students during virtual school days

Cullman County Schools bus (Cullman Tribune file photo)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman County Schools’ students who may not have access to internet at home now have a little extra help with connectivity during distance learning thanks to more 40 buses equipped with Wi-Fi hot spots. On Wednesdays, when all students attend school virtually, 44 hot spot-equipped buses are available from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Cullman County Schools Superintendent Dr. Shane Barnette said there was money in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) specifically allocated for bus hot spots in rural school systems.

“We applied and were able to install hot spots on 44 of our buses and park them across the county in every community,” he said. “Our students now have the ability to connect, if they are close enough to one of the buses, and download assignments, upload assignments and do their classwork. They can also connect when riding the bus.”

Barnette said the bus hot spots were initially used the first week after the Christmas holiday break when county students attended school virtually prior to returning to a hybrid schedule. He said school officials have access to activity reports on each hot spot, and so far, Barnette said, he is pleased that all the spots have shown activity during the Wednesday school hours.

Besides being an asset during hybrid schedule weeks, Barnette said the hot spots could be essential in the event of schools transitioning to full-time virtual instruction like last spring.

To access the Wi-Fi on Wednesdays:  

Wi-Fi Name: CCBOE-Bus

Password: Cullman1

See the Interactive Map of Bus Locations at http://bit.ly/2LRRSDl.

According to the interactive map, bus locations are:

Cold Springs

  • Calvert’s Farm- 30 County Road. 260 Cullman, AL 35057
  • Kat Daddy Restaurant – 25244 County Road 222 Bremen, AL 35033
  • Arkadelphia Fire Department #1- 4990 County Road 35 Bremen, AL 35033
  • Arkadelphia Fire Department #2- Intersection County Road 27 Bremen, AL 35033
  • Crazy Roosters Restaurant- 110 County Road 222 Cullman, AL 35057



  • Fairview Town Hall- 7525 AL Highway 69
  • Shaddix Country Mall- 8482 County Road 1545
  • Joppa Fire Department (back parking lot)- 15437 AL Highway 69 Joppa, AL 35087
  • Swindall Venue- AL Highway 69 North
  • East Point Community Center- AL Highway 69
  • Berlin/Fairview Fire Department #3- 4470 AL Highway 69


Good Hope

  • Smith Lake Park- 403 County Road 386
  • Jack’s Restaurant Dodge City (back parking lot)- 325 AL Highway 69 South
  • Good Hope City Park- 135 Municipal Drive
  • Thompson Gas Parking Lot (Golf Course Road)- 3530 County Road 490
  • Trimble Fire Department- 7744 County Road 813



  • Garden City Park- 501 1st Ave. South Garden City, AL 35070
  • Center Hill Community Center- 12666 County Road 747
  • Abandoned Sea World Restaurant- 401 Shady Lane Drive SW
  • VFW (behind Cullman-Jefferson Gas)- 1794 County Road 715
  • Abandoned Henderson Store (across from Dollar General)- 32655 AL Highway 91
  • Colony Community Center- 12980 AL Highway 91
  • Colony Educational Center- 151 Bypass Road


Holly Pond

  • Berlin Community Center- 3309 US Highway 278
  • Brooklyn Community Center- 954 Brooklyn Road
  • Walter Community Center- 107 County Road 663



  • Abandoned Seller’s Furniture Store- 60 County Road 1147
  • Harmony School- 4910 County Road 940 Logan, AL 35098



  • Abandoned House of Jordans Store south of West Point Fire Dept. #2- 2860 County Road 1242
  • Super Saver (parking lot across the road- 1791 County Road 1354
  • Souls Harbor Day Care- 21325 U.S. Highway 31
  • Kelly Community Center- Eva Rd


West Point

  • Logan School 4665 County Road 831
  • Blair Church- 5118 County Road 1082
  • Temple Baptist Church- 7755 Highway 157
  • Mach 3 Machine Shop- 6640 County Road 1101
  • Abandoned Water Valley Truck Stop- 12747 Highway 278 West
  • Bethel Community Center- 12 County Road 1117
  • Crane Hill Community Center- 15095 County Road 222


Child Development Center

  • Fairview Car Wash (across from Jack’s Foodland)- 5564 County Road 55 Eva, AL 35621
  • West Side Road Department- 2883 Highway 69 Cullman, AL 35058
  • Empty Lot- 21131 County Road 222 Crane Hill, AL 35053
  • Bethlehem West Church- 101 County Road 1215 Vinemont, AL 35176


Bus Shop

  • Bus shop- 1845 Third Ave. SE Cullman, AL

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