Cullman Co. convicted rapist up for parole weeks after being sentenced on new felony charges 

David Allen Davis (Alabama Department of Corrections)

Updated 9-29-20 at 5:19 p.m.: Davis’ parole was denied.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – David Allen Davis, 31, whose court record indicates addresses in Cullman and Vinemont, will receive a parole hearing before the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles in Montgomery Sept. 29, 25 days after Cullman County Circuit Judge Martha Williams sentenced him to 10 years each for two separate felony violations of his sex offender registration. The sentences were set to run concurrently with a previous sentence; the parole hearing was not announced until well after Williams handed down the sentence.

Davis was charged in 2008 with the first-degree rape- a Class A felony- and forcible sexual contact of a victim who was 15 at the time Davis was indicted. The victim’s age at the time of the rape was not given in court records.  Davis entered a plea in 2009 to Class B second-degree rape and was sentenced to six years; the second charge was dismissed. The deal left Davis as a registered sex offender when he was released on probation.

Davis was charged in 2012 with two violations of his sex offender registration, and the second-degree rape charge for which he was on probation was reinstated. Sentenced to a total of seven years, Alabama Department of Corrections records indicate that he was released after four years, three months, with credit for good behavior and time served before he was sentenced. He received probation.

In 2017, Davis was charged in separate cases with failure to register for a travel permit and failure to verify registration information, both related to his sex offender registration. The 2012 charge for which he was on probation was reinstated, and in 2019 he was sentenced to 10 years on that charge.

Davis entered a plea three weeks ago, Sept. 3, 2020, in the 2017 cases, and was sentenced the following day to 10 years in each of those cases. The sentences, however, were set to run concurrently with the 2019 sentence, meaning that all three sentences would be served as if they were a single sentence.

At the time of the upcoming parole hearing, Davis will have served just over one year and nine months of his 10 year sentence. According to the Alabama Department of Corrections, his minimum release date is Nov. 28, 2021, but it also said he could qualify for parole as early as Sept. 1 of this year. 

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