How technology is making fishing more appealing to young anglers in Cullman


CULLMAN, Ala. — Fishing is a fun outdoor activity that is loved by many people in Cullman, Alabama. And with Cullman being home to some of the best fishing spots in Alabama, it’s no surprise why more people, both young and old, are taking up this hobby. However, the main things that have attracted young anglers are the introduction of better and easier ways of fishing.

Fishing is one of the world’s oldest outdoor activities that has been evolving over the last few centuries. From using canoes to fishing in modern luxurious boats, fishing has become easier and fun thanks to technology. Even the fact that the state of Alabama released its 2020 fish consumption advisories in August hasn’t stopped anglers from fishing. So, here are some of the key ways technology is making this hobby appealing to young anglers in Cullman.

How Has Technology Made Fishing More Appealing to Young Anglers

1.Technology Has Improved the Success Rate of All Fishing Trips

Traditionally, anglers used to visit Duck River Reservoir or Lake Catoma and cast their nets or rods and hope to catch something. But, with no device to confirm the presence of fish where they were fishing, it was just a guessing game. And some anglers went home empty-handed after spending the entire day fishing. However, the introduction of fish finders has made it possible for anglers to locate the exact place where they can fish and even the right fish formation that can guarantee them a catch. Fish finders have made this hobby appealing to young people since it can guarantee them success.

Fish finders have made it possible for anglers to never go home empty-handed. With a high-frequency sonar, you can monitor most of the things below your vessel and even spot a school of fish. And with a high-quality screen, you can get a detailed display of everything around you. You can even differentiate between different types of fish. This way, you will know which fish to catch for sport and which species you can take home for dinner.

Currently, there are several portable fish finders in the market for you to choose from. So, you can carry your customized device to all your fishing trips. You can move from one lake to the other, rent a boat and start fishing. And with a built-in GPS, sonar and electronic fishing maps, you can plot your fishing course.

2.You Can Move Your Vessel From One Place to the Other With a Press of a Button

Trolling motors are some of the standardized boating equipment that has undergone numerous changes over the years. Some of these motors come fitted with GPS anchors, so with a single press of a button, a trolling motor can take you from one place to the other.

These motors can take you to new fishing spots in the lakes, thanks to the GPS anchors. They can also allow you to remain still in a specific position or stay on course despite the prevailing currents and winds.

With a trolling motor, you don’t need to re-anchor every time you notice a fish on display. All you have to do is install your trolling motor press start, and it will move you from one location to the next. And when you spot the exact fish formation you need, you just press a button, and your vessel will stay still in that spot as you fish. 

3.The Introduction of Monofilament Fishing Lines

Electronic gadgets are not the only things that have improved how people fish and made this outdoor activity more appealing. The fishing line technology has also changed how people reel in their catch. After all, nothing can discourage young people from fishing than the fishing line snapping or breaking after they have caught their first catch. Thanks to the introduction of monofilament lines snapping of fishing lines have become a thing of the past.

Monofilament lines are cheaper and more robust than the standard fishing lines. Monofilament lines are made up of numerous polymers, and they are available in a wide array of thicknesses, sizes, and colors. Monofilament lines are relatively invisible in water and can hold a knot quite well.

4.The Introduction of Lighter Rods

The rods technology has also advanced, and currently, you can find lightweight rods that cast straighter. These rods use resin technology for improved accuracy. These developments have improved the performance of a fishing rod, but they come at a price. Therefore, young people can accurately cast their lines with these improved lighter rods.

5.The Introduction of Numerous Angling Lessons

The growth of the internet has had a positive effect on the advancement of angling technology. Traditionally, young anglers had to learn different angling tricks from professional anglers. Therefore, they had to visit several stores that sold fishing gear and learn from the people in the store. However, today you can learn everything you need to know about fishing online. You can also take these lessons online and even purchase your gear in online shops.

6.The Improved Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs)

FADs are objects that have been used by anglers to monitor the trend of tuna fish to surrounding floating objects like dead whales, coconuts and rafts. Therefore, anglers have used their floating objects to attract these fish for a very long time. Currently, the FADs come fitted with satellite and sonar buoys, which can give you the exact species of the fish swimming near you.

The FADs capture all the aspects of the fish and display them on a screen. They can even give you the exact size of the shoal of fish. Therefore, you won’t waste time throwing smaller or endangered fishes back into the water after catching them with your fishing net.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to technology, fishing has been made even more accurate and fun for young people. Currently, young anglers have numerous devices at their disposal to help them pinpoint the exact location of the fish. The new fishing technologies guarantee you considerable catch at the end of the day. And even though they are not cheap, these devices have made fishing worthwhile and appealing to young people.

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