2020 Municipal Election Candidate Q&A: Myra Martin and Benny Guthrie, Baileyton Town Council, place 4

Myra Martin, left; Benny Guthrie, right (contributed)

BAILEYTON, Ala.– As the Aug. 25, 2020 Municipal Election approaches, The Tribune is holding Q&A sessions between candidates.

In Baileyton, voters will be choosing new council members. In place 4, Myra Martin is seeking re-election and will face challenger Benny Guthrie.

Why did you choose to run in the 2020 race?

Martin: “There are projects that have been started that I would like to see completed. I would like to see more work done at the park. Also, I would like to see the town hall completed and let everybody enjoy the new town hall and the things it’s going to do to help the community. There are things in general that the people in Baileyton need and want that we could follow through on the things that are going on.”

Guthrie: “I have a desire to serve my community. I live in the town of Baileyton and would love to be part of its continued success and growth. I chose to run for the seat not to run against anyone, but to run in order to serve my community.”


What would you like to do for Baileyton in the next four years if re-elected/elected?

Martin: “We have some projects going on now. We’re wanting to pave the driveway for the new town hall and we are wanting to have some shrubbery put out. We would like to see some roads paved. Also, I would like to see the completion of the broadband that has started. We were fortunate that (Rep.) Randall Shedd and (Sen.) Garlan Gudger were able to help get the funds for the Baileyton and Joppa communities. We weren’t expecting the funds that fast and I would really like to see that through.”

Guthrie: “If elected to serve the town of Baileyton, I want ALL community members to know I am there to support them. In four years, I see our town flourishing. I see our town as a place that people will want to visit and live. I see it steadily growing with new businesses and opportunities for others to want to get involved. We have an outstanding fire department with EMS services, local churches for different denominations of faith, town hall second to none, community leaders and members who truly want what is best for the community, senior center to help them be a positive impact on the community and enjoy their community, local businesses and restaurants serving our community for years to come. I see Baileyton as a thriving community that comes together for all ages.”


Are there any specific projects you would like to work on if re-elected/elected?

Martin: “Right now, we are just completing what we’ve got started. Whatever comes up, I am sure I will be involved in it. We’d like to get our senior center started back. It’s been closed down since the virus hit and I would like to help get that started going again and get our attendance back up there for our older generation. We haven’t been on trips or anything and I would like to see our seniors get to enjoy our bus and all the conveniences of the senior center.

“I would also like to see a memorial put up at the park for all our veterans. We are also going to put, on the inside of the town hall, plaques honoring all the past mayors and council members. I’d like to see that completed.”

Guthrie: “While we have the senior center already established and going well, I would love to see it continue to grow and provide opportunities for them to serve as mentors for our younger generation. I would like to continue to celebrate our seniors on a regular basis. Also, I would like to incorporate some activities that would include things for ages 15-60. We currently have nothing for those ages to enjoy or do in our community. It could be a weekly game night at the senior center or covering the tennis and basketball courts and adding additional lighting for night activities that could give them a place to go in all types of weather. We could even sponsor a monthly ‘concert in the park’ type event. I look to be open minded to ideas that our community would see beneficial to enrich our families in our town.”


Why do you think the people of Baileyton should vote for you?

Martin: “I believe I am the most qualified and I have been involved in all these projects. I feel like I can do the best for the community to see that they are completed. When I was a postmaster, I was the president of the National Association of Postmasters for Alabama for a year. The term only lasts a year. I learned a lot about how to treat people. The leadership skills learned as a postmaster have really helped me and prepared me for this position.”

Guthrie: “As a member of this community for the past 53 years, I have enjoyed serving everyone. I believe in honesty, integrity, hard work and fairness. I will stand up for what is right and do all I can to support our community anyway possible. I love my community and I have a heart to serve.”


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Christy Perry