Cullman man facing arson charge in JCR Recycling fire

Joseph Theodore Fisher, Sr. (Cullman Police Department)

CULLMAN, Ala. – A Cullman man is facing a misdemeanor third-degree arson charge for starting the fire that occurred at JCR Recycling in southeast Cullman Saturday, April 25.

According to Cullman Police Department Sgt. Adam Clark, Saturday’s blaze was the second one started at JCR by the man, Joseph Theodore Fisher, Sr., 59. The first was in January of this year.

JCR Recycling, located at 1611 22nd St. SE, is owned by Fisher’s son.

“The fire was started by Joseph Fisher, Sr.” said Clark. “He works there for his son. His son owns JCR Recycling. He said he brought a trailer back from Georgia. It had a pallet and some other trash in it and some rats in there. So he pulled all that stuff out and lit it on fire. He said he was approximately 20 to 30 feet away from the building. He said he checked on it a couple of times, and the last time he checked on it, it had just gotten away from him and it lit the building on fire.”

Clark continued, “The problem is, that is the second time that he’s caused a fire at JCR Recycling. The problem with it is, is that number one, he doesn’t have a burn permit, and number two, it was really windy that day. He shouldn’t have been burning anyway, especially that close to a building. Because of that, he is going to be charged with arson third, which is a misdemeanor, which is basically reckless burning which then causes a structure fire.”

Clark explained why Fisher is being charged with arson.

“The fact that he was recklessly burning stuff and he should not have been burning anything,” he said, “I mean, we’re going to charge him. He’s wasting our resources- fire department, water, police. You got several police officers down there, two fire trucks. Investigators get called in. You’re wasting water.”

Clark said Fisher was arrested Saturday on felony warrants in an unrelated case.

“He had a felony grand jury indictment for two counts of theft first (degree) and two counts of receiving stolen property first (degree),” he said.

Fisher is the owner of Cullman Logistics.

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