Bringing out the Best: SERVPRO sanitizes Cullman Police vehicles

A SERVPRO technician wipes down a CPD vehicle Friday afternoon. (W.C. Mann for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Technicians from SERVPRO’s Cullman office spent two days this week sanitizing vehicles for the Cullman Police Department (CPD), free of charge. The company approached the CPD to offer the cleaning as an act of community service.

CPD Capt. Gene Bates explained, “SERVPRO has donated their services to the police department, and they’re disinfecting the vehicles for us, free of charge. They were here yesterday and today; we’re getting day shift, night shift, all of the investigation vehicles, any patrol vehicles or investigation- any vehicles that the City has within the police department, they’re disinfecting them for us. We appreciate it. I think every officer appreciates it. It’s just the little things like we sometime take for granted. Transporting prisoners in the vehicles, normally, we don’t think about anything; we just put them in the vehicle, we take them to jail. A lot of times, we don’t really think about possibly getting a disease or anything like that.”

He continued, “The coronavirus, obviously it’s on everybody’s mind. At least, this way, it gives the officers peace of mind to know that their vehicles are disinfected, they’re clean. We’re going to try to, from this point going forward during the pandemic, we’re going to try to use a jail van to transport, and not transport people in the vehicles if we don’t have to. We still can in emergencies, if we need to, but going forward, if we arrest somebody, we’ll try to call for the van, try to cut down on the chance of getting our vehicle contaminated. Something to think about: the officers are in their vehicles 12 hours a day, so they spend a lot of time in the vehicle, so they definitely don’t want to get it contaminated.”

SERVPRO’s Galon Miller told The Tribune, “We’re concerned; we try to help out where we can, regardless. They just needed our services. This is donated, and we’re not trying to make any kind of headway either way, and we’re not trying to show off or anything else. We’re trying to help out.”

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W.C. Mann