What to do if your car tag or driver’s license expires while in quarantine

Cullman County Courthouse (Heather Mann for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – With many public services being limited or closed down due to COVID-19 concerns, many people may worry about what they should do if their driver’s licenses or car tags expire while the Cullman County Courthouse is closed or they are otherwise unable to renew them in person. To learn more about how people can take care of these while avoiding possible exposure to the coronavirus, The Tribune reached out to Barry Willingham, Cullman County revenue commissioner, and Tammy Brown, Cullman County probate judge.

Tag renewals, transfers, and vehicle registration

Willingham wanted to remind everyone that the Alabama Department of Revenue has extended the deadline for March vehicle renewals and registrations to April 15, and tag renewals can be conducted online unless otherwise stated in the March courtesy notices. Additionally, any vehicle where the 20-day registration requirement (the 20th day after acquiring a vehicle, by which time registration is required) falls between March 17th and April 15th will have an additional 20-day extension. He also included announcements made to the Revenue Commision’s news page and Facebook page regarding possible expediting of the registration process for customers in certain circumstances, which reads,

“The Revenue Commission staff will expedite the process for these customers (transferring or obtaining new tags) in certain circumstances, so to inquire and to initiate the registration process, you may email the office at revenue@co.cullman.al.us. Please include a copy of the bill of sale, title application (from a dealership), proof of Alabama insurance on the new vehicle, and a copy of the driver’s license for anyone listed on the title application. A staff member will contact you with additional instructions after review of all pertinent information.

“Beginning March 16, 2020, in response to area states of emergency for local, state, and federal government offices, any customer who renews his or her car tag online will be charged no card, transaction or mail fees.”

Lastly, Willingham offered a statement about where and how people can continue to renew their tags or make property tax payments. “While the Cullman County Courthouse is closed to the public through April 6, the Revenue Commission drop box outside the Cullman County Courthouse is available for customers with tag renewals (include your checks) and customers with delinquent property tax payments (certified funds only). Tags and delinquent property tax payments may be made online except in extenuating circumstances. The drop box remains located in the small island on 1st Avenue SW behind the courthouse (across from the driver’s license testing area). We look forward to serving our community while maintaining recommended coronavirus social distancing.”

Residents conducting online property tax payments or tag renewals can do so at https://cullmanrevenuecommissioner.com/.

License renewals

Drivers can renew their licenses online if the DMV is closed to the public or they do not wish to break quarantine. Renewals can be filled out at www.alabamainteractive.org/dl_renewal/welcome.action, however there are some caveats to note:

  • You are not able to change your address online. The license will be mailed to the address they have on file, and the post office will not forward it if you have a forwarding address.
  • A $5 fee will be added if you have taken a vessel certification course and this is the first Class V being issued.
  • There are certain situations where you may need to visit a County Probate/License Commissioner Office or an Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) Driver License Office in order to complete certain tasks. Please read the guidelines on the license renewal website carefully before making your decision.


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