PREP FOOTBALL: Vinemont’s Dinkle headed to Huntingdon

Vinemont running back Dallin Dinkle has committed to play for the Huntingdon Hawks after earning class 3A First-Team All-State honors in his senior season. (Martha Needham/The Cullman Tribune)

VINEMONT, Ala. – After racking up over 1,600 yards and 16 touchdowns on the ground and earning First-Team All-State honors in his senior season, Vinemont’s Dallin Dinkle is taking his talents to Huntingdon College. Eagles Head Coach Stephen Robinson is proud of his standout running back for earning this opportunity, but he isn’t surprised. Robinson has seen Dinkle put in the work to become a great player and he’s happy to see others at the college level recognize it as well.

“We saw from the end of last year that he was just standing out as far as his work ethic and I’m so proud that it paid off for him. I’m so proud that he got what he deserved,” Robinson said. “He had a great year on the field and got All-State First-Team which is just awesome and now to be able to go play football in college and get his scholarship paid for is pretty awesome.”

When asked about Dinkle’s strengths as a ball carrier, one trait stood out among the rest for Robinson.

“It’s really his vision. He’s not a speed demon, he does have some quickness but he’s not the best cutter, so I think the thing that sets him apart and puts him over the top is his vision,” Robinson said. “His vision is unreal and his anticipation of where the hole is going to be is what stands out the most.”

Dallin has enjoyed getting to know some of the coaches and players at Huntingdon throughout the recruiting process and is already looking forward to working with his new team.

“Huntingdon to me felt the closest to home. They were really into me during my recruitment and coaches would stay in contact with me and talk to me every week which showed a lot,” Dinkle said. “When I went on a visit there the players were really friendly and it seemed like we could bond, have good chemistry later on and have a good season together.”

Dinkle hasn’t always been on the radar for college teams. He always knew he wanted to keep playing football after high school, but he didn’t know how he was going to really make it happen until after his junior season.

“I wasn’t being recruited at all and after my junior season I realized how serious I wanted to be about it and I haven’t stopped working since. I just want to be the best I can,” Dinkle said. “I’ve gotten a lot stronger and faster and in my junior year I still had my vision and all, but I wasn’t there physically. So, I’ve definitely improved a lot on my speed and strength since then.”

Robinson is going to miss Dinkle in the backfield next season but what he’s leaving behind is even more valuable than yards and touchdowns.

“I’m just super proud of him and it’s had a trickledown effect on our football program,” Robinson said. “Last year we had one or two guys doing what he was doing and because of what he’s done, we’ve got six or seven or maybe even more than that that’s lifting all the time and running when they don’t have to. So, I think the trickle-down effect that he’s had on this program is going to last for years.”

The first thing that almost everyone mentions when they talk about Dallin is his work ethic. As Coach Robinson said, the example that Dallin has set is already taking hold within the program and that makes him excited for the future of the program as well.

“I’m very proud of that. I’m glad that I can lead others because I get asked all the time now to come up to the field and run with guys that are juniors and sophomores and last year it was just me and one other dude,” Dinkle said. “Now they ask me all the time and I like to go help them. I want to leave something here at Vinemont and help create a trend where we can better ourselves.”

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