Saint Bernard Preparatory School honors senior class

First row, left to right:  Gabrielle Bennett, Lauren Agnello, Chiara Schewczuk, Lluvia Ponce-Marquez, Bridget Gallegos, Yadira Echeverria, Abbot Marcus Voss, OSB; Yessenia Pascual-Contreras, Lizbeth Medina, Carly Tombo, Alison Gongre and Ian Sidley; second row, left to right: Jay Kim, Jordan McCormick, Caleb Guthery, John Christian Rose, Hailey Snapp, Brayam Morales, Jenna Pechon, Claire Sanders, Lillian Nassetta, Amber Lin, Olivia Brown, Ella Buckingham, Macy Whaley, Thy Mai Nguyen, Daniela Hernandez, Aria McMillan, Emma Tafazoli and Josh Spitzer; third row, left to right:  William Tang, Jongha Park, Dee Gann, David Yi, Jimmy Schomburg, Alex Shoaff, T J Uhler and Torben Schiele (Joyce Nix)

CULLMAN, Ala. – It was a beautiful day at St. Bernard as students from the middle and high schools joined together in the Abbey Church to honor the Class of 2020 for the annual tradition of the Senior Dedication Mass.

Abbot Marcus Voss served as homilist for the occasion and reminded students, faculty, parents and other family members of the important role the members of the senior class play in the St. Bernard Prep School community.

“Your leadership, your ability to guide others and your dedication to doing what is right and good all set a tone that others will follow.  Being a senior means you have a role to play in the overall well-being of our student body.  May you excel in your role of leadership so that all students of St. Bernard Preparatory School may prosper and be well.”

Each member of the senior class was called to the altar by Headmaster Fr. Linus Klucsarits as members of the faculty and staff followed behind.  School President Fr. Joel Martin and the faculty and staff implored God’s blessing upon the seniors that they may faithfully serve as leaders in the school, worthy of the 128-year St. Bernard tradition.

Following the Blessing of the Seniors, Senior Class President Alison Gongre thanked parents, faculty and staff at St. Bernard for the wonderful opportunities presented to the seniors and for their selfless acts of providing them with the St. Bernard experience.

Benedictine Crosses were presented to each senior class member as a reminder of the commitment to God they are entrusted with as Christian servants of the student body.

Choral music was provided by St. Bernard Preparatory School’s choir under the direction of Fine Arts Director Michael Kastner.  Br. Peter Le was organist.

Following the Mass, lunch was held in the Abbey Byre.