West Point passes $312,000 budget for FY 2020

The Town of West Point passed its budget for the FY2020 at Monday night's council meeting. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

WEST POINT, Ala.- The Town of West Point passed its budget for the FY2020 Monday night. The $312,004 budget is very similar to last year’s budget according to Mayor Gerald Schafer. 

Schafer said, “The town of West point is debt free. We are working on building up our reserves after completing the deceleration lane project last year.” The town expects an income in the next year of $372, 612 giving the town a net income of $60,607.

The West Point Senior Center will soon be getting an upgrade. The council agreed to begin looking into purchasing new tables and chairs for the center. In addition, they plan on replacing the outdated countertops and repainting the bathrooms. 

The council were all in agreement that round tables would be a better choice for the center and approved $4,000 toward the improvement projects. 

After hearing several presentations over the past few months from website developers, the council voted to hire “A man with a Mac” (Larry W. Riley) to begin building a website for West Point. Council member Ashlee Phillips was impressed with the other websites Riley was responsible for creating. She said, “I looked at the list and looking at them, the one I liked most was North Shelby Fire and the layout.”

Mayor Gerald Schafer reported that the town’s sewer system is running at 75% capacity and wanted the town to begin proactive measures toward a future upgrade. An upgrade would give the system an additional 20% in capacity. Schafer would like to go ahead with the paperwork required for a permit to upgrade the system, He said, “There’s no telling how long that can take.”

The council took no action on the sewer system. They agreed to discuss the upgrade more after Schafer had an opportunity to discuss the situation further with Living Water Services.

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