Farewell to a brother: Jack Aces, family say good-bye to Deputy Timmy Puckett

Members of the Jack Aces Riding Club ride toward Deputy Timmy Puckett’s hunting club in Houston, Alabama Saturday. They, along with Puckett’s wife and children, rode there to scatter Puckett’s ashes. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Kim Puckett fulfilled one of her final promises to her late husband Timmy Puckett Saturday. The Puckett family, accompanied by Timmy’s brothers, the Jack Aces, rode to the Yellow Creek Hunting Club in Houston, Alabama to scatter his ashes.

“He loved guns and hunting,” Kim said.

The Jack Aces Riding Club is considered family, and along with Kim, the club organized the memorial ride to the hunting club to say farewell to its brother. Timmy Puckett passed away April 23, 2019 at the age of 47 after a hard fought battle with cancer. He and Kim have two daughters, Kinlee and Kyla, who attend Vinemont schools. He served as a Cullman County Sheriff’s Office deputy and was a dedicated member of the Jack Aces.

The Saturday morning ride looked as though it was going to be a wet one as club members gathered at the Moore’s Texaco in their raingear. Then a blessing: about 15 minutes before kickstands up, the rain stopped, the sky lightened and the sun appeared. So, off with the raingear and on with the ride.

The day was perfect as Timmy was taken to the place he loved, by the people he loved and by the way he loved. The impact he made on each and every person could be seen and felt as the Jack Aces made their way to the hunting club. They undoubtedly took time to personally reflect on all the wonderful times they had with their brother.

Upon arriving at Yellow Creek, the group walked a short distance down a path to a clearing overlooking a valley in the Bankhead Forest. They watched together as Timmy’s ashes were scattered, by air, in a place that brought him joy and peace.

“He made me promise,” Kim said. “Throughout the whole sickness he was like, ‘Promise me, promise me.’ He hated funeral homes. He didn’t want that.”

After the short and intimate farewell, everyone grabbed lunch at Chef Troy’s Restaurant in Houston and did just what Timmy would have wanted. They laughed, they joked and, most importantly, came together as one loving family.

Kim later wrote on Facebook, “I cannot thank this group enough for not only today but for all they have done for us. Today we rode to Timmy’s hunting club in Houston, Alabama to scatter his ashes. It’s one of the last things I promised I would do. Although it was a hard day, you guys made it easier and possible.”

Jack Aces president Derrick Barton shared, “Today was a good day. (It was) also a hard day. Had a good ride even though we got a little wet but it was worth it. Like Tony Hardin said earlier, ‘If you missed it, then you missed something we can’t duplicate and I hope we never have to.’ Today was for Timmy Puckett. I miss you brother. Like I’ve said before, rest easy. We have your family because they are our family and they will damn sure always be my family. Love you brother.”

As the ride concluded and Kim, Kinlee and Kyla, each wearing matching silver necklaces with pendants of Timmy’s thumbprint, stood sharing stories and pictures of him.

Kim said, “Now it’s going to sunshine.”

Kinlee replied sweetly, “Because it’s over.” 

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